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The Top Motivators Your Sales Team Need

As a business owner, it’s important that all of your employees are highly motivated and ready to put in 100% to their job each and every day. Once they do, then you will soon find that your company is able to operate well and generate a high turnover, which will in turn increase your profits.

It’s important that you keep all of your various departments well motivated, but one of the main teams to focus your efforts on is the sales department. Working in sales is always a very high-demand job, no matter what kind of business the department is in. So, there is no doubt that your whole sales team will be under a lot of pressure to follow up leads and seal many deals. For most business owners, one main issue that they have to tackle at some point or another is how to keep this department highly motivated while working in such a stressful role. Here are some of the best motivators that you can provide them with.


Easy To Use Sales Software

These days, the majority of employees will expect to have access to all of the latest tech and IT help that can make their working day a lot easier and more convenient. There are a lot of different computer programs and software that you could put into place for all of your sales team that will make things a lot less stressful for them. Take Mojo Dialer for instance. It allows your team to call hundreds of numbers, but they don’t have to waste any time on unanswered calls, as it only connects them to phone users who pick up. Not only can this save them so much time, but it also prevents them the demotivating task of having to cold call uninterested people.

Short And Long-Term Goals

Goals are a really big motivator for most people. Goals and targets give them something to aim towards and ensures that their work is always focused on these achievements. Not only that, though, but lots of people find that having a short or long-term goal to work towards will really help them to stay focused and concentrate, as their work will always have a meaning. So, it could be worth setting up some individual targets for each employee as well as one larger goal for the whole department to work towards together.

A Trusted Leader

You shouldn’t underestimate the effect that a strong leader will have on your sales team. In fact, a good leader is necessary for each department as they are a great way to motivate the entire team. You should place a manager in charge who has a lot of experience in sales, so they can help their team whenever they run into any issues. It’s not just the department manager that needs to be a trusted leader, though. As the owner of the whole company, you do as well! Make sure you don’t micromanage your entire team or else this could ruin their trust in you. Be inspirational and a positive influence, and you will then find that your whole company, especially your sales team, end up bringing 100% when they come to the office each day.

Perks Of The Job

Some perks of the job wouldn’t go amiss either! Even though your employees will come to work mainly for their paycheck, however, it’s also important that you also offer them other financial perks of the job. You will be legally obliged to offer some of these, such as health insurance and pension payments. However, to really motivate your employees in their roles, it’s better to give them more than just the basics. Look for an exceptional healthcare cover and match more than you need to of their pension payments. Of course, the perks don’t just have to be financial. You will find that other benefits of working for your company, such as team lunches and gym memberships, will also make your workers want to turn up to work each and every day.

Give Them Regular Feedback

It’s also essential that you review your sales team’s work on a regular basis so that you are able to offer them feedback. Team feedback is really useful, but individual feedback is critical as it shows each member of the sales team how they can improve and which weaknesses they need to work on. It’s also a chance to celebrate their strengths and the things they have achieved while working for your company. Giving them some positive feedback will help to spur them on to continue to achieve highly. Focusing on their weaknesses also gives you the chance to talk through the various ways they can improve and get even better.

Let Them Have Plenty Of Breaks

You shouldn’t expect your sales team to continue working for hours on end. If you do, then this will only lead to problems for your company. That’s because the team will slowly lose focus and won’t be able to focus quite as well as they should. So, it’s important that you allow your team to take a quick break whenever they need. Even just five minutes to grab a coffee can make a big difference. By the time they return to their desk and computer, they will be refreshed and their mind will be able to focus a lot better as a result.

Provide Team-Building Opportunities

Lots of company owners find that their whole business benefits when they offer company wide team-building opportunities. This is because it helps all of the departments to work together a lot better. It promotes collaboration and teamwork. So, you should encourage your sales team to go on some team-building away days or to enjoy a few more team lunches throughout the year. Once everyone gets to know each other, they will feel a lot more comfortable working together, which will make a huge difference.

Hopefully, all of these brilliant motivators will help to keep your sales team at the top of their game!

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