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How Yalla! Let’s Talk. Became the Platform for Arab Millennials and GenZ


Toronto, Canada, 8 February 2021 – A platform looks to create a new, accepting community and outlet for Arab Millennials and Gen Z, to share their stories and experience. Started in 2017, the initiative called “Yalla! Let’s Talk.” (YLT) has evolved into a purpose-driven forum for Arabs around the world to connect and discuss underrepresented issues.

“We recognized that as diverse as the world is, the narrative is not,” says Hani Al-Dajane, Co-Founder and CEO of YLT. We wanted to offer people an opportunity to access our community beyond physical spaces. As a result, we decided to build a platform for our community members to stay curious, think critically, and still address issues that matter to them, wherever they are in the world”. Al-Dajane explains that the YLT’s platform is still inclusive to anyone that may relate or identify with the issues they tackle.

YLT started as an initiative to get Arab youth to talk about underrepresented issues in Toronto, the initiative quickly turned into a movement where young Arabs around the globe would partner up with local Cafes and curate events to address and connect on issues, such as mental health, identity, and how to tackle racism in the community. Earlier in 2020, they also organized a conference bringing together 400 Arab youth in North America.

YLT announced that, in addition to the event series and conference, they are going to establish various media outlets, premiering an online publication, as well as a podcast directory.

We asked Co-Founder and COO Mays Alwash, what value they hope to add to the lives of young Arabs around the world “At YLT, we’re creating a community of young Arabs and addressing issues impacting their lives that no one really talks about. We’re here to make young Arabs feel heard, validating the complex identities and mixed values a lot of us struggle with alone”.

YLT now provides an online platform for content creators to keep you engaged on issues young Arab millennials and Gen Z care about. The platform updates weekly to feature new, trending content and worldwide updates.

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