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Poker Face: Your Guide to Playing Naked Poker Like a Pro

Are you a recreational poker player? Or perhaps you’re starting to make the rounds in casinos for some serious pots. Regardless of the type of player that you are, there is another type of poker that you must experience. 

Strip poker.

It pretty much works the same way but with a little twist. You can classify strip poker or naked poker as one of poker’s many variations. However, its distinct feature does make it stand out from the rest. 

Instead of playing for money, players play for their clothes. 

But let us go beyond the clothes and learn more about strip poker. What are the basics and dynamics of the game that you need to learn? Continue reading below to find out.

Strip Poker: How Did It Start?

First, let us take a look at how strip poker started. There is not much concrete information regarding the exact date of the birth of naked poker. Nevertheless, the game started to emerge back in the mid-1900s. 

It continued to develop a following through the sixties and the seventies. As for its players, they are usually students. People fresh out of college who are under the age of 30 also played the game. 

Others claim that strip poker started in New Orleans. They said the game started to gain traction during the time of poker’s introduction. If we are to believe this, then the first game of strip poker took place right around 1916. 

Types of Naked Poker

As we mentioned earlier, strip poker features the same rules as your regular poker game. Like poker itself, strip poker comes in different variations. However, the most popular variation players use is Texas Hold ’Em.

Since strip poker involves taking off your articles of clothing, this is where the rules change a bit. Like Texas Hold ‘Em, players play hands. After each round, the player with the lowest score will remove a piece of his or her clothing.

The exciting element of the game is that the losing player has the freehand to choose which article of clothing he or she will strip. 

For example, there are four of you playing. After showing the flop, turn, and river, you all show your hands. Two of you have pairs while another one has three of a kind.

However, you have nothing. Therefore, you lose that round and in turn, lose a piece of clothing. To ensure fairness, players must agree on the total amount of clothing items they can strip. 

Furthermore, you must also decide on the kinds of clothing that count. Some players don’t count watches and necklaces.

The game is simple to learn. Learn the basics of Texas Hold ‘Em and you’ll be fine. This means learning how to bluff if need be. 

Sometimes, it is lady luck that plays a huge role in one’s fortunes.

Now let’s take a look at the three ways you can play strip poker.


Slow strip poker works like your standard poker game with chips. The difference is you need to bet a clothing item if you wish to continue with your hand. Because it plays like your regular poker game, this can take a while to finish.

This is evident for seasoned players who know how to dominate their opponents and become chip leaders. Play this version if you have the luxury of time.


The medium-paced variant is much simpler to play. Essentially, the player with the lowest hand at the end of each round needs to take off a clothing item. The game ends when one of the players end up with no more clothes to shed.


This fast-paced variant features all players showing their five-card hands at the end of each round. The one with the best hand gets to keep his clothing. However, the rest of the players on the table will have to remove a clothing item.

The game ends when a player loses all his or her pieces of clothing. Because of its quick pace, the variant became the most popular among the three types of naked poker. 

Room for Flexibility

Since strip poker is a fun game, it allows room for variations and flexibility. Players can agree that the winner of each round picks which player will strip. 

If you are playing under Texas Hold ‘Em rules, veteran players will get the edge.

Another element you can add is the option for players to fold before the flop. This will help slow down the game. Moreover, this will help timid players feel more comfortable especially if it is their first time to play the game.

You may also add an option where you can win back your clothing. This is perfect if you wish to prolong the game through the wee hours of the morning.  It also adds more competition to the game.

One more tweak you can incorporate is the “truth or dare” element. This works by opting for a truth or dare challenge instead of removing an item of clothing.

If you lose a hand and you pick “truth,” you will have to answer a question truthfully. If you pick “dare,” you will have to accept a particular challenge put up by the winner of the hand. 

In case you have no more clothing items to take off, you will have to take the truth or dare option every time you lose a hand.

Final Reminders

Part of a perfect strip poker experience is the atmosphere. This means keeping the room under low light. Make sure your couch comes with lots of cushiony pillows.

Set a sexy mood by playing some relaxing music. Moreover, check the room’s temperature. You want to keep the area warm to keep the players from feeling cold once the stripping begins.

Last but not least, make sure to wear some of the best underwear that you have.

Expand Your Gaming Options

Learning how to play naked poker is a big plus. Not only will you add some spice to the usual weekend poker games, but you can also create new bonding moments with close friends.

But if you are looking to expand your gaming choices, we invite you to check our different articles. We feature card games and other activities that you can play during parties and get-togethers.

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