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Automation is On Your Side: A Guide to Using SharePoint for Businesses

Originally Posted On: Automation is the future of business. While automation can seem scary to business owners, embracing new technology and the benefits it brings can actually improve your business and your bottom line. One of the easiest and most popular ways to start automating your business...

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How to be an Ally During the Holidays to Individuals in Addiction Recovery

Originally Posted On: Holidays are sometimes challenging for folks in recovery. Offering support with not only your words but your actions can be very helpful.  Here are a few thoughts and suggestions around supporting your friends, family and coworkers in recovery as they navigate the...

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5 Reasons Water Is an Essential Muscle Builder Drink

Originally Posted On: Why is water an essential part of your workout regimen? Find out in this guide to the unheralded muscle builder drink known as H2O. More than three-quarters of Americans are actually chronically dehydrated. We’re constantly forgetting to drink water. But, staying hydrated is particularly important when...

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