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Child Care Biz Help Is Proud to Launch Its New Product, Turnkey – Child Care Biz in a Box

Child Care Biz Help is a professional childcare consultant firm that is located in the Florida area.


St. Petersburg, FL, April 30, 2021 – Child Care Biz Help is proud to launch its new product, Turnkey – Child Care Biz in a Box.

Child Care Biz Help, St. Petersburg-based child care consulting firm, is excited to introduce to entrepreneurs its latest product called Turnkey – Childcare Biz in a Box.

The team at Child Care Biz Help has spent years working diligently to offer an easy to execute solution for entrepreneurs with a desire to start their own child care center. Turnkey will not only help navigate the child care startup process but will guarantee a solid foundation to build a company upon.

Want to learn how to start a daycare?

According to Child Care Biz Help Founder, Caroline Jens, “running your own childcare business is more than just watching children and encouraging them to grow. Owning a childcare business also includes administrative tasks such as payroll, recruiting new staff, tuition, health records, safety records, enrollment, and ensuring that your child care business is entirely compliant with all state and federal regulations and laws.”

Success in opening a childcare center depends on how carefully you begin, how you manage the project, and finally, what you do after your doors open.

“Why start a project like this from scratch?”, says Jens.

Turnkey – Child Care Biz in a Box is designed to save time, money, and allow new owners the ability to jump start the process to daycare ownership. New Turnkey owners will also receive access to hundreds of files, vendors for special discounts and VIP service, training and instructional videos, company setup, location considerations, administration procedures, handbooks, risk management processes, classroom checklists, executive oversight methods, budgets, recruitment tools, sales and marketing resources, and direction on state licensing. This evergreen product allows for lifetime access to owner forums, product updates and industry trends.

The solutions don’t stop there, even existing child care center owners have commented on how Turnkey has even provided their established schools with additional processes, oversight, and innovation to help improve their culture, profit, and business as a whole.

Child Care Biz Help continues to state that “when you’re running a child care business by yourself, there’s a lot to remember. Too often, other things such as providing professional development for your staff, updating your business with the latest technology, metrics, marketing, and other ways to grow your child care business can be overlooked.”

With so many people looking for childcare consulting and start up services, it can be hard to figure out where to turn. That’s where Child Care Biz Help comes in. With a focus on quality advice, your business is in good hands.

Child Care Biz Help provides a wide variety of childcare consultation services, including many free tools and valuable informative blog articles to help child care businesses (i.e. a daycare business plan template). To learn more about Child Care Biz Help, feel free to visit its website at

Child Care Biz Help also shares that providing childcare is “one of the most rewarding jobs that you can have. Not only are you helping to enrich the lives of a younger generation, but you’re also helping assist families that are looking to return to school or work.”

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About Child Care Biz Help: Child Care Biz Help is a childcare consulting firm based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Official Disclaimer: “Child Care Biz Help is the childcare industry’s premier consulting firm, offering customized, holistic solutions to help their partners run a more successful business. With a team comprised entirely of individuals with childcare backgrounds, they have the experience and expertise to provide solutions and insights that cannot be found anywhere else in the childcare industry. With customizable levels of involvement, Child Care Biz Help has extensive experience, both training organizations to implement a customized solution or coming into a business and doing the work for them. Led by innovative owner, Caroline Jens, Child Care Biz Help has a deep understanding of the current state of the childcare industry and a clear vision of where it is headed in the future.”

Contact Info:

Name: Caroline Jens
Organization: Child Care Biz Help
Address: Child Care Biz Help, 4927 Cobia Dr. SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33705
Phone: 262-804-0339


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