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Thanksgiving Flowers & Centerpieces

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Thanksgiving is a time to gather and reflect upon what makes us truly grateful in our lives. The presentation of traditional, delectable food displayed to share with those we cherish, is certainly the highlight of this special occasion. Thanksgiving flower arrangements are an excellent addition to the table. They convey sentiment of love, tranquility and that everything is ready for our honored guests to enjoy.

Autumn Table Arrangements
Flowers bursting with fall colors can be found in many bouquet styles. From modern centerpieces to classic Thanksgiving flowers overflowing a cornucopia of loveliness, holiday flower arrangements bring smiles and joy to all. Autumn cornucopias are intended for more than the dinner table. Don’t forget about flowers on side tables, fireplace mantels, in the kitchen, and bathrooms. Always purchase flowers before the Thanksgiving celebration. They elevate the mood throughout days of dreary outdoor weather and enhance the ambiance around home and office.

Florist Arrangements and DIY Bouquets
If you’re a DIY person and have been thinking about trying out your green thumb, here are our professional tips:

  • Decide on Flowers (You’ll Add Large Blooms First)
  • Cut Stems at an Angle & Remove Leaves
  • Use a Preservation Solution
  • Always Work in a Circle by Turning the Vase; and
  • Layer Each Variety of Flower (Including Greenery, Berries, and Grass)

Professional arrangements have a reputation for lasting longer because florists know precisely which tools to use and can anticipate how flowers will develop. Whenever possible, use thorn strippers or shears instead of household scissors. Scissor-cut stems make the water murky and either a sharp knife or strippers won’t damage the stems by pinching and constricting water-sensitive stems.

Popular Fall Flowers
Whether you love the bold rich hues of dark blossoms like chrysanthemums nestled among autumn leaves and a bright pop of berries, or perhaps purple stems arranged dramatically featuring gerberas and pine-cones, popular fall flowers have something in common, they are a wonderful focal point for tables and countertops throughout the home. Start the selection process by previewing online Thanksgiving flowers. Think about your favorite colors and flowers. Consider the bouquet-base too, most arrangements come in gorgeous reusable baskets or stunning glass pieces that can be re-purposed throughout the home. Popular fall flowers include:

  • Large Lilies and Spray Roses
  • Daisies, Alstroemeria, Aste
  • Vibrant Pompons, African Violet, and More!

It’s virtually impossible to go wrong when arranging or selecting the perfect holiday flowers for a centerpiece. Choose a selection of flowers or try an entirely new bouquet style when you order. You’ll be delighted to see how well the opposite colors and textures complement one another. Roses and Orchids are always appropriate (think reddish-purple tones, orange shades, and dark yellow) and are affordably available year-round.

The History of Thanksgiving Flowers
In America, Thanksgiving is celebrated as harvest the last Thursday in November, with reflection upon the historic Plymouth settlers who gathered in appreciation for the fruits of their labors. This special time of year can be traced back to the Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks where peoples thanked the Gods by hosting beautiful feasts adorned with flowers. If you are traveling for Thanksgiving this year, even better! Send-ahead a gorgeous holiday centerpiece as a hostess gift prior to the gathering. Flowers will delight your host, highlight the tradition of giving, and tell them that you’re sincerely grateful for their invitation.

5 Ways to Help Fresh Flowers Last Longer
There’s nothing quite like the beauty of fresh flowers. When arranging flowers or refreshing a purchased bouquet:

  • Fill Vase with Warm Water
  • Use an Additive
  • Remove Bottom Leave
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight; an
  • Re-Cut Stems/Change Water Every Other Day

Always use warm water and a clean vase. A small amount of ordinary sugar (2 teaspoons or less) will nourish flowers and help them bloom. Use the flower packet additive that accompanies bought flowers, or try 2 tablespoons of white vinegar or citrus (lemon/lime) before arranging flowers, this will deter the growth of bacteria that wilts blooms.

Centerpieces & Table Flowers
When it comes to Thanksgiving centerpieces, it’s all about detail. This year, why not try a fruit-flower arrangement? Oranges are this season’s theme and will look sophisticated in a tiered centerpiece. Remember that blooms specific to the season cost less, and many fall flower varieties come in a spectrum of shades per color. When buying or creating table flowers, try a monochromatic Thanksgiving bouquet approach. Take inspiration from the dinner table’s centerpiece. The eye loves to focus on a pop of color, so if your centerpiece features a bold red, work in both lighter and darker shades of red on smaller table arrangements to create a sense of cohesion.

Bud Vases
Lying around the kitchen in a number of homes are small, narrow vases used for displaying a single flower or tiny arrangement. Another DIY idea is to gently borrow flowers from a larger arrangement to use in these delicate bud vases. A colorful table runner or other interesting, coordinating pieces like picture frames, candles, and bowls of candy look lovely accentuated by a purposefully placed small bloom. Don’t forget about height. Try placing a bud vase arrangement atop a stack of coffee table books.

Thanksgiving Bouquet Accents
From handcrafted bird nests to dramatic, vertical cattails, have fun when selecting the perfect Thanksgiving bouquet. Accents are a little extra touch that florists use to polish every arrangement and make it uniquely beautiful. Pick a holiday arrangement that features elements not usually found where you live. For instance, Bronze Callas.

Bringing people together around a beautiful flower centerpiece feels special. Memories are made at holiday time. Friends will capture these moments to enjoy and recall time and time again as they come across similar blossoms that remind them of you.

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