Best Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers are the popular new do-it-all hanger for every item of clothing in your wardrobe. These versatile fabric hangers are ideal for a range of clothing types, offer a variety of features, and come in various styles to suit your fashion sense and your closet space. And above all, velvet offers excellent staying power for even the slipperiest of garments.

With so many choices, it can be challenging to narrow down the options. The good news is that there’s a velvet hanger for every scenario. You just need to know what each type is for, what features are crucial for your closet, how to use them best, and what sizes you need.


Read on for all the details on selecting the best velvet hangers for your garments.

Velvet Hanger Features Versus Standard Hangers

While many hangers are great for specific clothing items, velvet hangers have a host of helpful features. In contrast to standard hangers, velvet ones provide a long list of benefits to both your clothing and storage space.

  • Space-saving
  • Classy and tidy look
  • Non-slip construction
  • Velvet fabric is gentle to clothing
  • Higher weight limit
  • Lightweight product

The first perk of velvet hangers is their look. They do save space thanks to a slim and lightweight profile. But velvet hangers are also aesthetically-pleasing. Plastic hangers in neutral tones may be functional, but they don’t offer the same style as velvet options. If you want a certain ambiance in your wardrobe or walk-in closet, velvet is a great option.

From different shades of rich colors to patterned designs, there’s sure to be a fabric hanger that suits your style preferences and décor.

Of course, velvet is utilitarian, too. This grippy fabric prevents garments from sliding off hangers. At the same time, it’s gentle for even the most delicate items such as lace, silk and cotton.

Velvet hangers gently grip your clothing without scraping, scratching, or puncturing any item.

But you can use velvet hangers for more than just delicate items. A high weight limit—about ten pounds—means your velvet hangers can handle bulkier dressessuits, sweaters, coats, and more. This makes the velvet hanger a versatile option for any closet.

Say goodbye to clothing that drops to the floor the moment you leave the room—velvet will stand up to the challenge and keep you supremely organized.

Velvet Hangers Make Great Suit Hangers

Because of their durability—balanced with gentleness to fabrics—velvet hangers are excellent for hanging both suits and dresses.

Best Velvet Hangers for Dress Shirts, Suits and Pants

For suits, heavier pants, trousers, and dress shirts with form and function, velvet hangers are ideal. The best velvet hangers for suits feature strong frames, plenty of velvet padding for retaining shape, and high weight limits.


For example, you can select velvet suit hangers with clips to hold multiple suit elements on one robust hanger. Whether you choose a pack of five, ten, 50, or 100, you can outfit an entire closet with strong and reliable hangers with handy clips.


black velvet shirt hangers

A selection of black velvet shirt hangers means you can also store dress shirts neatly and compactly. If you own a handful of suits with interchangeable dress shirts, a set of velvet touch shirt hangers is an excellent addition to your closet.


Select black velvet suit hangers (or choose from blue, green, or lilac for variety) to keep suits from slipping—a ten-pound weight limit means they never quit. Black velvet touch cascading suit hanger options can also help keep your closet uncluttered and orderly.


Best Velvet Hangers for Spaghetti Strap Dresses

Spaghetti strap dresses often tend to slip, leaving your delicate clothing items lying in a heap on the floor. But the best velvet hangers for spaghetti strap dresses are trim and offer notches to avoid slipping. Whether you choose black, white, or pink velvet hangers, your dresses are sure to stay on without sliding.


Picking the Correct Type of Velvet Hangers

Which velvet hangers are the best for your closet? By looking at your wardrobe—and personal preferences—you can select the type that’s best for your needs.


Which Velvet Hangers Are the Best for Small Spaces?

All velvet hangers are trim and lightweight. But cascading types are ideal for small spaces because they connect vertically. Once you hang the first clothing item on a cascading hook, you can then attach a second (and so on) on the notch on the front.


Plus, these hangers hold a lot of weight. So, you don’t have to worry about them crashing down in your closet. Cascading suit hangers are especially handy for heavyweight dress suits. You can stack them up to save space in your wardrobe, too.

The Best Velvet Hangers for Suits

In addition to cascading suit hangers for small spaces, other velvet suit hangers focus on keeping your suits in great shape while they wait in the closet. Even standard velvet hangers have a narrow profile, allowing you to fit more in the closet without cramming clothing together.

Velvet is excellent for suits because it keeps them protected and in place without creating creases or unnecessary marks. No lopsided hanging or dropping to the floor with velvet, either. You’ll notice an immediate difference in your closet’s organization, too—suits look nicer aligned with velvet hangers than with skinny wire options or bulky plastic ones.

The Best Quality Velvet Hangers for Pants and Skirts

If your wardrobe features outfits made up of pants or skirts, the best velvet hangers for your needs will involve clips. Velvet suit hangers with clips allow you to hang both tops and bottoms on the same hanger.

Swiveling heads make it easy to hang and remove what you need in the closet. Sliding width clips adjust to multiple sizes of clothing, so nothing must stretch or fold to fit.


What Type of Velvet Hanger is Best for Tops and Dresses?

For closets full of tops and dresses, velvet shirt hangers are a necessary staple. Grooved ‘shoulder’ designs help keep clothing from slipping. Plus, the trim profile means you have plenty of space to stow every dress and blouse you own.

Hanging shirts and dresses can also prolong the life of your wardrobe. Instead of developing wrinkles and creases, your clothing items stay unwrinkled and smooth.

How to Hang Clothes on Velvet Hangers

To keep your velvet hangers looking their best for as long as possible, you should take care when hanging and removing clothing. Of course, hanging items properly also ensures your clothing stays protected.


Hanging Clothes on Velvet Hangers

When hanging your clothing, ensure they start wrinkle-free. If the clothing tag says to iron out wrinkles, iron the items before hanging. Then, slip them onto the hangers gently—without dragging the fabric along the width of the hanger.

Whenever possible, remove the hanger from the closet before putting your clothing on it. By placing the clothes carefully, you can keep them from hanging in an uneven way—and developing wrinkles and creases as a result.


Removing Clothes from Velvet Hangers

To remove clothes from velvet hangers, avoid grabbing and yanking. If you aggressively grab at clothes and pull until they slide off, you’ll rub the velvet from the hanger’s surface. Instead, remove the hanger from the closet and carefully unwrap the clothes from the body of the hanger.

It might take a few more seconds to get your clothes out—or put them away—but you’ll protect your investment in both your wardrobe and your clothing hangers.


Velvet Hangers with an Accessories Bar

An accessories bar on velvet hangers can serve multiple functions. First, many velvet hanger accessory bars serve as attachment points for cascading hangers. As noted, cascading types save space and help organize your closet without investing in additional storage units or shelving.

Also, the bars can hold accessories that complement your outfit. You can tuck a belt into the bar, loop a scarf through it, or even drape a camisole or other thin-strap accessory through the opening.

Consider pairing items like ties, scarves, belts, handkerchiefs, and other small garments with your larger clothing items as you put them away. This way, you have a ready-made outfit that’s easy to access from a single hanger.


What Velvet Hangers Are Best For Your Closet?

Where is the best place to buy velvet hangers? It’s easy to refresh your closet by purchasing velvet hangers online. Plus, you can order packs of multiples to make your closet overhaul even simpler.

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