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What is cold-pressed dog food?

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Ever enjoyed a glass of cold-pressed juice? It’s like fueling your body with pure freshness. Now imagine if you could give your furry friend the same kind of nourishment and superior digestive health benefits? With cold-pressed dog food, you finally can.

What makes cold-pressed dog food different?

It’s gut-friendly like no other.

The secret to unlocking the digestive benefits?

Gentle cooking.

Nextrition is prepared at almost 3X lower temperature (110-120°F) than dry kibble (320-356°F).

Because cold-pressed dog food is cooked without high heat, it retains more natural nutrients and flavor. The result is more easily digestible dog food beneficial for your pup’s gut health and rich in nutrients and natural flavor dogs can’t get enough of.

Plus, since 70% of your dog’s immune system is found in the gut, with each bowl of cold-pressed food, you’re actively strengthening your furry friend’s immune health.

Cold-pressed food vs. Kibble

Dry kibble has been around since the 1950s. Although it has a long shelf-life and is cheaper than cooking from scratch or feeding a raw diet, kibble has two major drawbacks:


The high heat and steam used to make kibble burn off many nutrients and the natural flavor.


Kibble bloats inside your dog’s tummy, taking ages to break down and digest.


But that’s the old way — meet the new and better way to feed your furry friend.


The process of making cold-pressed dog food starts with mixing the ingredients and pressing them together gently without an external heat source.


The friction made by pressing the ingredients cooks the food at a low temperature, which helps to retain most of the nutrients of the ingredients.


Thanks to its nutritional richness, your dog needs ~ 30% less of cold-pressed food than kibble.


But the key difference is that cold-pressed food is easier to digest because it starts to break down immediately — it does not bloat or swell in your dog’s stomach like kibble.


Cold pressing saves natural flavor and aroma, too — making every bite of cold-pressed food taste and smell amazing. (To your dog, that is!)


Benefits of switching to cold-pressed dog food

Here’s what you can expect when your dog starts eating cold-pressed food:


digestive health

Up to 30%

less food needed

(Compared to kibble)


immune system

(~70% of the immune system is found in the gut)

Great and

natural taste

Nextrition vs. Raw Food

Both raw food and Nextrition cold-pressed food are less processed and more natural ways of feeding your dog.


Keeping the digestive system healthy


Strengthening the immune system


Promoting overall well-being

If you have ever fed your pup a raw diet…

You know how time-consuming and

inconvenient it can be.

On the other hand, the convenience of Nextrition just can’t be beaten. If you love hiking, camping or traveling with your dog… Packing, transporting, and storing Nextrition is easy because cold-pressed food is shelf-stable before and after opening.
Cold-pressed dog food is also more affordable than a typical raw diet. Most veterinarians will not recommend a raw food diet because of the fear of bacteria and parasites like salmonella and E. coli that can be present in raw ingredients.
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