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San Antonio Law Firm Offering Clients A Chance To Participate In Local Zoo’s Fundraiser, Sponsor Roach In Name Of Ex-Partner


Hembree Bell Law Firm, a family law firm based out of Austin, Texas, will help friends, family, staff, and customers participate in the “Cry Me A Cockroach” Valentine’s Day fundraiser event hosted by the San Antonio Zoo. 


San Antonio, TX, February 12, 2024— When it comes to walking past the Valentine’s Day aisles at the grocery store (which seem to come earlier and earlier each year), there are usually two types of people: those who stop to admire the mass of pink and purple trinkets, hoping their beloved has something special in mind to give them on the 14th of February…and those who roll their eyes and continue on their shopping venture.

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, but it can be especially painful for those who do not have a Special Someone, or have been recently burned by love. This year, the San Antonio Zoo is offering those individuals a chance to express their heartbreak while also contributing to a good cause with their “Cry Me A Cockroach” fundraiser, which first caught international attention in 2023. For a donation of $5, $10, or $25, participants can symbolically name a vegetable, cockroach, or rat after an ex-partner, which will then be fed to one of the zoo’s animal residents.

This is the second year the fundraiser will take place, and this year, a family law firm which is located in nearby Austin, Texas, is footing the bill for friends, family, staff, and customers of the firm who want to participate and “ex-terminate” their past. Hembree Bell Law Firm, which proudly declares to “help marriages end well,” aims to make the so-called “love holiday” a little more fun for those who may not be particularly inclined to celebrate.

While the firm is well aware of the difficulties those who are going through divorce or who have already been through divorce are facing, they hope that this event will grant just a little bit of amusement and reassert their dedication to their clients and the community.

Tara Close, marketing director for the firm, had this to say:

“Embracing the spirit of resilience and renewal, Hembree Bell Law Firm proudly joins hands with the San Antonio Zoo’s ‘Cry Me A Cockroach’ campaign to infuse a touch of humor and levity into Valentine’s Day for our cherished divorced clients. Through laughter and lightheartedness, we reaffirm our commitment to guiding clients through life’s transitions with compassion and unwavering support.”

Hembree Bell Law Firm is located in Austin, Texas and aims to help clients create the life they deserve through their family law and estate planning services. For clients who are facing divorce, they help them end their marriage well! The family lawyer focuses on the individual needs of clients all over the state of Texas and do not adhere to a “one-size-fits-all” approach to legal matters. The sign-up to participate in the fundraiser through the firm can be found here

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