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What Makes Ours the Best Burger in Nashville?

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The first burgers were served way back in Ancient Rome. These early attempts contained pepper, pine nuts, and even wine flavorings! Since then, this popular food has come on leaps and bounds.

Here at Burger Republic, we like to think we’re carrying on the fine legacy of burgers. And many critics and customers agree we offer the best burger in Nashville! But before you try it, you ought to know about how we ensure quality.

Let us tell you a little bit about how we do things. Keep reading to find out about our amazing Nashville Burger joints.

Best Quality Beef

The best burgers start with the best beef. That’s why we only use Angus beef in our burgers. This high-quality beef comes from cows specially bred from indigenous Scottish stock.

All our beef is a cut over USDA select, so you can be sure it’s a taste sensation. We use a blend of brisket, short loin, and chuck. It’s a flavorsome, juicy, and tender base for the best burgers in Nashville!

That said, we cater to all dietary styles. We offer Impossible Burgers and house-made vegan burgers to cater to any non-meat eaters in your party.

Quality Accoutrements

Some folks hold that a burger is enough on its own. Comedy fans may remember the episode of Parks and Recreation where Ron Swanson cooks a patty and serves it with the comment, ” It’s a hamburger made out of meat on a bun with nothing. Add ketchup if you want, I couldn’t care less”.

While we agree with Ron that good meat is important, we also believe that a few additions can really make a burger stand out from the crowd. That’s why we add a few inventive accouterments to get your mouth watering!

From aged white cheddar and Hollandaise sauce to Guiness-braised bacon and lump crab, we’ve got it all. You can mix things up to create a new culinary experience.

And how about a few sides? We’ve got chicken wings, cheese curds, garlic fries, and much more.

Made With Love

For more than ten years, our restaurants have been serving quality burgers to the people of Nashville. We care about our city and our community, so we always put a little extra love into our products and service.

We take pride in serving quality food that represents the best of our state. Our locations across the city are outposts for burger-based civic pride!

Something to Wash It Down With

Burgers taste best with something great to drink. That’s why we offer a wide variety of draft beers on tap. From the Damguday IPA to the Pitch Invasion Lager, a favorite of Nashville Soccer Club fans, we have something to suit every palette.

Not a drinker? How about burgers and shakes? We’ve got s’mores, Oreo chip, espresso chip, and so many more shakes for you to enjoy.

Come Try the Best Burger in Nashville

Burgers are best when they’re made with passion, quality meat, and sprinkled with a little creativity. No wonder our unique recipes have won awards and built us a strong customer base.

We’ve talked the talk, we firmly believe we can walk the walk too. Come try the best burger in Nashville and you won’t be disappointed. Check out our menu today and pick something you’ll love.

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