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Local Developer, Symphony Hill Properties, Unveils Solar Power-Integrated Flex Industrial Offices in Richmond, BC


RICHMOND, BC, February 13, 2024— Symphony Hill Properties Group is proud to announce the launch of Symphony Works (, a revolutionary solar integrated flex industrial office project in Richmond, BC. The first industrial product of its kind, the project marks a significant step towards sustainable and environmentally conscious real estate development in the region.

Environmental Innovation and Cost Savings

Symphony Hill’s state-of-the-art development, Symphony Works, harnesses the power of solar energy, providing a clean and sustainable source of supplementary power to its commercial industrial units.

By integrating solar energy solutions into the development, Symphony Hill aims to significantly lower energy costs for users, making the units a smart, forward-thinking investment in the long run.

Symphony Hill’s CEO, Alan Yong, further expressed “Symphony Hill believes in developing greener and cleaner developments. At Symphony Works, owners will benefit not only from incredible savings in energy costs per year, but it will also create a lasting impact on their community as an environmentally conscious development”.

Comprehensive Green Initiatives

In addition to solar power integrations, Symphony Hill is implementing several other environmentally friendly measures to enhance the project’s sustainability:

  • Free Transit Passes: In commitment to reducing Symphony Works’ carbon footprint, every unit owner will receive a number of complimentary transit passes for 3 years. This initiative provides a convenient, eco-friendly, cost-effective transportation option for occupants.
  • Two Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Ready Stalls per Unit: With climate change issues, high gas prices, and the growing importance of electric vehicles, Symphony Works will include two rough-ins for EV chargers in every industrial office unit.
  • Shuttle Service to and from Bridgeport SkyTrain Station: Symphony Hill is proud to introduce a shuttle service connecting the development to the Bridgeport SkyTrain Station. This further reduces the carbon footprint of commuting while providing efficient transportation for organizations and their employees.

About Symphony Hill:

Symphony Hill is a leading real estate development company dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable projects that enhance communities and prioritize environmental responsibility. With a commitment to excellence, Symphony Hill continues to redefine the future of real estate development.

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