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The 100 Latest Cryptocurrency Statistics (2022)

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Cryptocurrency is more than just a buzzword or a trend. The shift away from traditional financial institutions to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has been nothing short of spectacular.

In the 2020s, the majority of the world loves cryptocurrency, and if you’re here, I will be that you are one of them.

In this article, I will let you into over 100 cryptocurrency statistics that I think are insane! So, without further delay, here we go.

Bitcoin Statistics

1. The Entire Crypto Market Cap is $981 Billion

Digital currencies have certainly boomed in recent years. The entire crypto market as of June 2022 is now higher than the GDP of Turkey.

(Source: Coin Market Cap)

2. In October 2010, Bitcoin Was Worth Just $0.10

Virtual currency certainly hasn’t always been seen as a valuable asset. For example, in October 2010, the price of Bitcoin was a measly $0.10.

(Source: Time)

3. The First Bitcoin Transaction Was For Two Pizzas

Back in May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10,000 bitcoins on two pizzas. At the time, bitcoin was worth just $40. So it’s fair to say that he might now have one or two regrets.

(Source: NDTV)

4. Tesla Owns 43,200 Bitcoins

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is perhaps the most famous figure invested in the cryptocurrency market. However, he certainly practices what he preaches, with Tesla now holding over 43,000 bitcoins.

(Source: Bitcoin Treasuries)

5. 5,143 Bitcoin Addresses Contain Over $10,000,000

Not many people can say that their cryptocurrency wallet contains over $10m. But, over 5,000 crypto “whales” hold this honor.

(Source: Bit Info Charts)

6. There are 14 Wallets Containing 10,000+ BTC That Have Been Dormant For 7 Years

Imagine holding over 10,000 bitcoin and losing your wallet details. That’s pretty rough.

(Source: Bit Info Charts)

7. There are 50,544 Bitcoin ATMs In The US

Cryptocurrency transactions are becoming more and more common. Therefore, it’s only fitting that there are now over 50,000 ATMs in the U.S alone to support this rise in cryptocurrency payments.

(Source: How Many Bitcoin ATMs)

8. 106 Million People Own Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has seen massive growth over the past few years, and over 100 million people hold bitcoin.

(Source: Buy Bitcoin Worldwide)

9. 89% Of Americans Have Heard Of Bitcoin

There is no escaping the popularity of cryptocurrency in the 2020s. The people who haven’t heard of crypto by now are a tiny minority.

(Source: Buy Bitcoin Worldwide)

10. There Have Been Over 740 Million Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoins remains, as it perhaps always will do, the most popular cryptocurrency.

(Source: Y Charts)

11. Bitcoin Accounts For 46.2% Of The Entire Cryptocurrency Market

(Source: Coin Market Cap)

Crypto Altcoin Statistics

12. Ethereum’s Market Capitalization Is Over $150 Billion

While Ethereum is not quite as prominent as Bitcoin, it is certainly making an impression in the cryptocurrency market.

(Source: Etherscan)

13. May 9th, 2021 Saw 799,880 Active Ethereum Addresses

Everybody knows that cryptocurrency usage is rising, but many would still be surprised to learn how many people regularly trade their assets.

(Source: Etherscan)

14. There Are Over 10,000 Active Altcoins

While the number of Altcoins varies from source to source, it is widely believed to be well over 10,000.

(Source: Exploding Topics)

15. Only 31% Of Altcoins Have Outperformed Bitcoin This Year

Despite popular belief that Altcoins are always better than Bitcoin, this is not the case. Crypto investing isn’t just about trying to find the next great coin. It’s also about understanding that you can incorporate Bitcoin into your long-term investment strategy.

(Source: Blockchain Center)

16. Cardano Is Named After A 19th Century Mathematician

(Source: The Motley Fool)

17. Cardano Is The Second Biggest Proof Of Stake Coin

Cardano and other proof of stake cryptocurrencies have significantly impacted the overall market landscape and will continue to do so.

(Source: Crypto Slate)

18. There Are 5 De-Fi Coins With A Market Cap Of Over $1 Billion

Typically built on native blockchains, DE-Fi cryptocurrency promises decentralized finance to the world. This has become very popular and will undoubtedly continue to grow.

(Source: Crypto Slate)

19. There Are Almost 200 Stablecoins

Love or hate them. Stablecoins carry a fixed market value tied to an asset, whether the U.S Dollar or Gold. To some, this may undermine cryptocurrency, but for others, they provide significant market security.

(Source: Blockchain Counsel)

20. The Only Cryptocurrency Accepted By Tesla Is Dogecoin

(Source: Tesla)

Cryptocurrency Demographics

21. Only 1.43% Of Bitcoin Holders Are Over 65

While Bitcoin has certainly become revolutionary. There is a vast older demographic that seems to be simply uninterested.

(Source: Bitcoinist)

22. 43% Of Men Aged 18-29 Have Invested, Traded, Or Used Cryptocurrency

(Source: Pew Research)

23. India Has Over 100 Million Crypto Users

(Source: Triple A)

24. Ukraine Has The Highest Proportion Of Crypto Ownership In The World At 12.73%

(Source: Triple A)

25. 22% Of Men Have Used Crypto Vs. Just 10% of Women

There seems to be a huge gender disparity when it comes to cryptocurrency. Why do you think this is the case?

(Source: Forbes)

26. 17% of High & Middle-Income People Have Used Crypto Vs. 15% Of Lower-Income People

On the other hand, cryptocurrency user statistics show that there is no significant income disparity between cryptocurrency users. This suggests that crypto may be the ultimate solution for the world’s underbanked.

(Source: Forbes)

27. Coinbase Has 98+ Million Users

(Source: Coinbase)

28. 9 Countries Have Fully Banned Crypto

Despite the popularity of cryptocurrency in some countries, nine countries have placed an outright ban on crypto. I also wouldn’t be surprised if this number were to increase further.

(Source: Investopedia)

29. El Salvador Is The First Country To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

(Source: BBC)

30. 83% Of Millienial Millionaires Own Crypto

Young millionaires almost always have at least some crypto assets in their portfolios.

(Source: The Motley Fool)

Cryptocurrency Crime Statistics

31. $14 Billion Was Received By Illicit Addresses In 2021

Financial crimes are all too common when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry. Whether that’s money laundering, direct scams, or sneaky crypto-malware, you must be aware of the risks inherent to cryptocurrency.

(Source: Chainalysis)

32. 72% Of Stolen Crypto Was Taken From DeFi Regulations

We talked about the future of decentralized finance earlier. However, you must realize there will always be drawbacks when it comes to DeFi. Cryptocurrency security statistics have indicated that DeFi regulations are the leading cause of cryptocurrency theft.

(Source: CNBC)

33. In 2021 More Than $2.8 Billion Was Lost In “Rug Pulls”

Cryptocurrency offers the perfect opportunity for fraudsters and scammers, and rug pulls are an easy way for these people to steal with virtually no consequences.

(Source: CNBC)

34. $532 Million Worth Of Crypto Was Stolen In 1 Heist

(Source: Comparitech)

35. $8.6 Billion Of Crypto Was Laundered in 2021

Money laundering has always been a problem, but cryptocurrency has arguably made doing so much easier.

(Source: Pinset Masons)

36. The U.S Marshals Service Has Seized Over 185,000 Bitcoins

(Source: CNBC)

37. Russia Is Developing Digital Currency To Mitigate Expensive International Sanctions

(Source: CNBC)

38. Russia’s Crypto Market Is Worth Over $124 Billion

(Source: Bloomberg)

39. In December 2017, A US citizen Zoobia Shahnaz Attempted To Transfer Over $62,000 To Fund Islamic State Terror Groups

(Source: Rsis)

40. The Sale Of Illegal Drugs Through Cryptocurrency Generates $20 Billion Each Month

(Source: Rand)

41. 44% Of Bitcoin Transactions Are Associated With Illegal Activity

The link between cryptocurrency and criminal activity is too significant to ignore. This will probably lead to much stricter regulations around cryptocurrency soon.

(Source: Cash Essentials)

Crypto Mining Statistics

42. Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Was Valued At $1.4 Billion In 2020

Crypto mining is prevalent, and for a good reason. This is because the block reward for mining makes the upfront investment very worthwhile.

(Source: Verified Market Research)

43. Bitcoin miners Have Generated Over $15.3 Billion In Revenue Year-To-Date

(Source: The Block Research)

44. Ethereum Miners Have Generated Over $16.5B In Revenue Year-To-Date

This is clear proof that many profitable cryptocurrencies are worth mining. You can dismiss the myth right now that only Bitcoin mining is lucrative.

(Source: The Block Research)

45. Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust Owns Approximately 3.1% Off All Bitcoin

(Source: The Block Research)

46. Mining $1 Worth Of Bitcoin Uses More Energy Than Mining $1 Of Copper, Gold, and Platinum

The impact of cryptocurrency on the environment is far from negligible. While many crypto forecasters predict this to change in the short-term future, the environmental impact of crypto currently is severe.

(Source: Nature)

47. Ethereum’s Carbon Footprint Is Comparable To Ireland

The carbon emissions associated with Ethereum are no joke. Statistics like this put the environmental damage caused by cryptocurrency into perspective.

(Source: Digiconomist)

48. Ethereum’s Power Consumption Is Comparable To The Czech Republic

(Source: Digiconomist)

49. United States Has A 37.84% Bitcoin Mining Hashrate (Jan 2022)

(Source: Statista)

50. 900 New Bitcoins Are Mined Daily

(Source: Buy Bitcoin Worldwide)

51. 90.8% Of Bitcoins Have Already Been Mined

There is a finite supply of Bitcoin, many of which are stored safely away in wallets across the globe. As the remaining supply of new bitcoins gets ever closer to zero, what will the effect on the demand mean?

(Source: Buy Bitcoin Worldwide)

NFT Statistics

52. Global NFT Market Reached $50.1 Billion In 2021

(Source: Emergen Research)

53. North America Accounted For 37.1% Of Global Market Revenue

(Source: Emergen Research)

54. The Most Expensive NFT Ever Cost $91.8 Million

NFTs are a popular form of digital art, but not many people in the world would perceive one to be worth just shy of nine figures.

(Source: Business 2 Community)

55. The CryptoPunks NFT Project Has Lifetime Sales Over $2.61 Billion

(Source: Business Insider)

56. Taco Bell Created And Sold 25 NFTs

(Source: The Verge)

57. The First NFT Was Created In 2014

(Source: Wikipedia)

58. Men Are 3x More Likely To Be Collectors

(Source: Morning Consult)

59. Jack Dorsey Sold His First Tweet For $2.9 Million

(Source: Forbes)

60. 82% Of GenZ Think NFTs Are a Scam

You will be mistaken if you think NFTs are just a fad that draws young people into cryptocurrency. NFTs are much more popular with older generations right now.

(Source: PCMag)

61. 32% Of People In The Philippines Own An NFT

(Source: Finder)

62. Only 2.8% Of People In The U.S Own An NFT

(Source: Finder)

Metaverse Statistics

63. Someone Bought A Virtual Gucci Bag For $4,100

(Source: Hypebeast)

64. The Web 2.0 Metaverse Market Cap Is $14.8 Trillion

(Source: Statista)

65. There Are 50,000 Users Of Virtual Web 3.0 Worlds

(Source: Statista)

66. 31% Of U.S Adults Have Not Heard Of The Metaverse

(Source: Statista)

67. 41% Of Internet Users Think The Metaverse Will Lead To Privacy and Mental Health Issues

(Source: Statista)

68. Microsoft Is Acquiring Activision Blizzard For $70 Billion

Microsoft has been at the forefront of Web 2.0 for years. However, as we gradually transition into Web 3.0, many of these major companies do not want to be left behind.

(Source: Make Use Of)

69. Boeing’s Use Of Augmented Reality (AR) Improved Productivity By 40%

(Source: Capgemini)

70. Decentraland Has A Market Cap Of $1.54 Billion

Metaverse games have long exceeded the stage of being a trend, with several games now having market capitalizations above $1 Billion.

(Source: Coin Market Cap)

71. Approximately 60 Billion Messages Are Sent Daily On Roblox

(Source: JP Morgan)

72. 41% Of Metaverse Gamers Used TikTok In The Last 6 Months

(Source: New Zoo)

73. 38% Of 10-20-Year-Olds Are Metaverse Gamers

The latest data indicates that while GenZ may not be the primary investors in NFT projects, they are indeed the main users of Metaverse games.

(Source: New Zoo)

74. 68% Of People Are Not Interested In Meta’s VR/AR Project

(Source: The Motley Fool)

75. Nike Is Actively Hiring Within The Metaverse

More and more “real world” companies recognize the Metaverse as a hugely profitable platform to explore, many of whom are now hiring dedicated staff to work within the metaverse.

(Source: Fortune)

ICO Statistics

76. 90% Of ICOs Fail

(Source: Enterprise Risk Mag)

77. The First ICO Took Place In 2013, and It Raised 4740 BTC

(Source: Medium)

78. Ethereum Tokens Cost $0.31 During ICO

(Source: Investopedia)

79. Tokens Of NXT Sold For $0.0000168 During ICO & Reached $2.15 At NXT’s Peak

ICOs offer a vast opportunity to get into a new and upcoming cryptocurrency at a low price. While ICOs usually fail, the profits you can make are massive when they succeed.

(Source: Investopedia)

80. The EOS ICO Raised Just Under $4.2 Billion

(Source: ICO Bench)

81. ICObench Has Had 2349 Cryptocurrency ICOs

(Source: ICO Bench)

82. Investors Make An Average 179% Return On The First Day

This doesn’t mean that if you are new to cryptocurrency, you should dive into ICOs without conducting proper research. However, profits can be instant and significant when a coin goes on “public sale” after an ICO.

(Source: Papers)

Cryptocurrency Regulation Statistics

83. FinCEN May Require Exchanges To Submit Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) For Crypto Transactions Over $10,000

(Source: Papers)

84. FinCEN May Require Wallet Owners To Identify Themselves For Transactions Over $3,000

(Source: Papers)

85. In Australia, Cryptocurrency Is Treated As Property & Subject To Capital Gains Tax

(Source: Comply Advantage)

86. USA & Mexico Recognizes Crypto As A Virtual Asset, But Not Legal Tender

(Source: Comply Advantage)

87. Central African Republic & El Salvador Use Bitcoin As Legal Tender

In these countries, you can buy virtually anything using cryptocurrency as a means of payment. This ultimate cryptocurrency dream is becoming a reality in these two nations.

(Source: Coin Market Cap)

88. Paraguay and Venezuela Are Most Likely To Start Accepting Bitcoin As Legal Tender Next

Given what we know about the counties considering making cryptocurrency legal tender, it’s fair to say that the nations of Latin America are leading the way.

(Source: Coin Market Cap)

Miscellaneous Cryptocurrency Statistics

89. The 24h Volume On Binance (June 14th, 2022) Was $25.12 Billion

(Source: Statista)

90. 76% of 1,280 Senior Executives Believe Crypto Will Rival or Replace Fiat Currency In 5-10 Years.

Experts and authority figures in the financial services industry are huge believers in cryptocurrency. These people know much more about crypto than the “average joe,” so they might be on to something here.

(Source: Deloitte)

91. There Are 15,335 Bitcoin Nodes

(Source: Bitnodes)

92. There Are 2,520 Ethereum Nodes

(Source: Etherscan)

93. Solana Has a Staked Value of $216.6 Billion

Different cryptocurrencies offer different benefits, and staking cryptocurrencies like Solana have become very popular. This is because investors are provided at least some guaranteed returns – this helps to minimize risks. With that said, if the cryptocurrency underperforms, then so will your investment.

(Source: Statista)

94. Cardano Has a Staked Value of $143.05 Billion

(Source: Statista)

95. Bitcoin Mining Creates 40 Billion Pounds Of Carbon Emissions In The U.S Alone

(Source: Business Insider)

96. Crypto Gambling Currencies Are Worth Around $939 Million

(Source: Crypto Wisser)

97. Cryptocurrency Gamblers Spend $110 Across Six Bets On Average

(Source: Plos One)

98. 36% Of Blockchain-Related Jobs Are Fully Remote

(Source: Blockchain Trading Alliance)

99. Remote Blockchain Developers Earn Around $123,750

You may consider a career switch if you don’t fancy investing your hard-earned cash into cryptocurrency. Research from the previous year has shown that blockchain developers and software engineers are making huge salaries in the 2020s.

(Source: The Blockchain Academy)

100. 20% Of People In The UK Are Not Involved In Cryptocurrency Because “It’s Too Complicated To Understand”

(Source: Finder)

Wrap Up

The entire cryptocurrency industry is consistently evolving, adapting, and growing. Whether you like it or not, cryptocurrency has massively changed the world and affected all the major financial markets.

Therefore having easy access to as much information as possible is vital for crypto investors and people who are not yet educated on cryptocurrency.



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