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A 10 Step Guide To Ceramic Coating

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Also known as nanocoatings or glass coatings because these compounds are made out of silicon dioxide which is the same chemical composition of glass. So essentially, ceramic coating a vehicle adds a layer of glass onto your paint. Thereby providing adding the best protection for the paint of your vehicle.


Lasts several years more durable than wax products which loose integrity as it interacts with the weather and breakdowns with increasing temperatures. Far superior to waxes

  • Super High Gloss Auto Appearance

  • Hydrophilic Properties: It does not interact with water and chemicals, providing unmatched paint protection. Dirt and other debris bead off or are repelled all together and never stick to your vehicle.

  • UV Protection to prevent your paint job from fading, cracking, chipping

  • Organic waxes like Carnubal Wax last about 90 days while ceramic coatings last for years.

  • Paint Sealants are synthetic wax products that provide about a 6 months of protection which lasts just a fraction of the time a ceramic coating lasts.

Step 1 – Complete The Car Wash

Thoroughly Rinse the car to remove the top layer of debris and dirt from the car. It’s preferred to use a pressure washer. In the prewash stage you’ll apply a high PH foaming soap to the vehicle. The soap binds to positive charge particles and is easily removed from the vehicle’s paint job when rinsed with water.

Make sure you spend time cleaning the wheels.

Spray the cleaner and use a soft-bristled brush to remove grease, dirt, and old tire shine. Follow with tire shine. You can also polish the chrome to give the wheel that extra shiny appearance.

Hand Car Wash Phase

Make sure you wash your car by hand with a sponge and rinse.

Interior Car Detailing

You can also use a separate product for windows and windshield cleaning. Tinted glass especially needs a product that is free of ammonia. Don’t forget to clean both inside and outside of the glass.

Steam clean car interior – Steam all nooks and crevices. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt from hard to reach surfaces like seat creases, door pockets, etc. Don’t forget to steam the carpets, too. You’ll be surprised that we can restore the cleanliness of your vehicle back to the 1st day you bought your car. Vacuuming and cleaning your carpet is the key to removing stagnant and unpleasant aromas in your vehicle.

Use an upholstery cleaner –  specialized cleaners for all fabric types. Restore moisture to prevent the leather from cracking and peeling and preserve your vehicle’s fabric. Applying protective solutions to prevent your upholstery and leather from fading. Keeping your vehicle’s appearance in top condition.

Step 2: Chemical Decontamination          

We use a tar remover and Iron filing remover and allow the products to sit for 5-10 minutes to bind to particles.

Step 3: Manual Paint Decontamination with a Clay Bar

With the use of the clay bar lubricant, you will make hashtag or cross-hash like movement movements that are up and down and left and right motions. Lightly massaging the surface of the vehicle will remove any remaining contaminants in the porous clear coat layer of your vehicle’s paint.

Continue to massage the clay bar onto the surface of the vehicle until the level of friction decreases. Once the bar glides across the vehicle with ease, you can move on from this step.

Step 4: Polishing the Paint

Before applying a ceramic coating to the paint to remove swirl marks and scratches to give the paint job a nice gloss finish. Before ceramic coating installation, you want to make sure all imperfections are removed from the vehicle’s exterior.

Step 5: Alcohol Wipe Down

Isopropyl Alcohol at least a 70% concentration and wipe down the entire vehicle with a microfiber cloth to make sure any excess polishing oils are removed from the exterior of the paint job that potentially interferes with ceramic coating bonding.

Step 6: Ceramic Coating Installation – Using Feynlab Ceramic Products

We use Fenylab Ceramic coating products like “Feynlab ceramic lite.” We provide detailing services at auto expo’s all across The United States for the top Automotive Manufactures. Name one, name them all, we have detailed vehicles for BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Subaru, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Hyundai just to name a few. We do such amazing work, we are even listed as a certified Feynlab installer.

The Ceramic Coating silicon dioxide solution should be applied using a foam applicator block and a microsuede applicator cloth. Wrap a foam black around the suede applicator and apply the Silicon solution. Make sure you use cross hash movements just like we complete in clay bar decontamination step. Work in small sections. Focus on a 2ft by 2ft small sections massaging in the silicon dioxide. Within 60 seconds the product. Use a Premium professional-grade quality 300 GSM microfiber cleaning cloth.

Use a microfiber towel for this purpose as they can absorb a great amount of water without damaging the paint. This is an extremely important step because if you leave the car to “sundry”, water spots will etch into the paint.

Step 7: Final Wipe down with Silica spray sealant

Once you have wiped down the vehicle with a 300 GSM microfiber cloth, wait at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before applying the silica sealant. This step should not be skipped because it increases the hydrophilic properties of the silicon compound while adding additional gloss to enhance the vehicle’s appearance.

Step 8: Vehicle Curing

The Automotive detailing process is complete when the silicon solution is allowed to cure. Curing is simply a chemical process that resulting in the hardening and binding of the silicon molecules. This process typically should take place for 12 to 24 hours.

Learn About Masterpiece Auto Appearance

We provide Ceramic Coatings all over Texas, and all across the United States at the nation’s biggest car shows. We strive to provide a superior detail to each on every vehicle we touch. We take pride in everything we do, and the name of our company says it all. We create a masterpiece auto appearance for anyone who wants to make their vehicle look amazing. Every vehicle is treated the same. If a vehicle is in on a showroom floor or driveway, we put the same effort into making it look beautiful. We promise to provide you superior detailing services that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

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