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Cannabis Edibles 101: Your Guide to Consuming Cannabis Edibles

Marijuana awareness is gradually increasing. Popular public figures are coming out clean and weighing in their support behind the herb. As a result, most people are giving the gracious herb a try.

Regardless of the medicinal value attached to marijuana, there are still many stereotypes about the usage and effects of marijuana.

The good thing about marijuana is that there are a lot of ways to consume it. From smoking joints to vaping and not to forget, the exclusive cannabis edibles. The different forms of consuming cannabis have varying strengths and capabilities.

Take cannabis edibles in this case. Cannabis edibles are any food items that have been infused with marijuana. There are many types of cannabis edibles to choose and start with if you’re a beginner.

The taste and potency of the edibles may vary from type and the kind of weed strain that has been used. You may be nervous to try out at first, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about. It only takes a few hours before the effect disappears.

If you’re thinking about giving cannabis edibles a try, here are some guidelines to follow to provide you with a good start.

1. Types of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles may vary depending on the ingredients used or kind of strain used. The different types of cannabis edibles may hit differently at first. There are various edibles that you should know about and get to pick your choice.

Weed brownies, cookies, chocolate, and marshmallows but to mention a few, are some of the types of weed edibles. There are many recipes available on how you can make these edibles.

You can bake your own for a start. But it is not advisable. Ideally, you should do so after you have gained some experience.

There is also cannabis-infused butter used for baking weed edibles. Traditionally, weed butter isn’t consumed to be high but rather used in cooking and baking other cannabis-infused foods.

2. Cannabis Dosage

When consuming edibles for the first time, ensure that you are well aware of the cannabis dosage. Different amounts may have varying experiences. For first-timers, start with a lower dosage.

You don’t want to start your experience with a highly potent edible. Choose an edible with low amounts of cannabis for that first time high.

Although the euphoria may differ from person to person, get a portion that is just enough for a person like you, who is a first timer.

3. Duration of Effects

The effects of cannabis edibles don’t kick in straight up, unlike smoking a joint. Cannabis edibles may take some time to kick in like 2 to 4 hours. The euphoric effect may also last for a while.

You need to be in a controlled environment when the effects kick in, especially if it’s your first time. Have someone around to monitor you.

For that first time high, please try out an edible with a friend. Unless you want to raise an alarm that something is wrong with you.

4. Cannabis Edibles Effects and Highs

The effects of marijuana edibles may vary with different strains. It also depends on the potency of the strain used in making the edibles. You can look up the effects of marijuana to know what to expect.

With cannabis edibles, the effects are slow to kick in and long lasting as well. If you experience paranoia and anxiety, you can consume on CBD infused products to counter the THC.

When you have an uncomfortable experience, all you have to do is relax and wait for the effects to calm down.

5. Go Slow on the Edibles

Do not rush the edibles, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t expect the effects to kick in right away. Take a few bites and wait.

One thing about marijuana edibles is that it affects people differently. It may be a smooth sail for some and a bumpy ride for others.

6. Timing

When trying cannabis edibles for the first time, ensure that your timing is right. You don’t want to get stoned while at work or driving, especially for first-timers.

You will not only need a safe place when trying out cannabis edibles, but you will also need to be relaxed. By being relaxed, we mean you have nothing of importance to attend to.

Ensure that you are somewhere whereby you are not in a hurry. This will go a long way in improving your first-time encounter with cannabis edibles.

7. Understand Your Preferences

Ensure that you have done your research well about marijuana. Read and learn more about cannabis and cannabis edibles. Study the effects and different types of strains available.

Being knowledgeable about the different strains and their effects will help you choose the right type of strain depending on your preference.

Ensure that you consider your preferences as well. If you have any dietary restrictions, you can opt for healthier options. You can choose sugar-free edibles and still be guaranteed of the same effects.

Furthermore, ensure that you also don’t have medical conditions that could conflict with marijuana.

Get a Lifetime Experience Consuming Cannabis Edibles

If you feel uncomfortable after your first try, don’t stress. Ensure you stay hydrated and relax. You don’t have to freak out. Like earlier mentioned, you will only feel the effect for a moment.

If you play it right, you may have the best first-time experience. You should also remember that cannabis affects people differently.

There are more driving factors to the effects. These factors influence the time it takes for one to get high and the duration for the effects

Cannabis edibles are much more potent than smoking a joint. However, it is controllable. The effects can’t be beyond your control.

Remember getting high is supposed to be fun. Worrying and freaking out will only make things worse.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can sleep or rest and wait for the effects to calm. Otherwise, you can be guaranteed an awesome and mind-blowing experience.

Explore our blog for more information on other fun activities you can engage in as a first-timer.

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