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dōTERRA Affiliate Program

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Are you interested in becoming a doTERRA Affiliate? The affiliate program is a type of performance-based compensation program in which the affiliate earns a commission for all purchases made through their affiliate links.

Does doTERRA have an affiliate program?

Yes, as of May 2022, doTERRA now offers an Affiliate Program.

The program has been specifically designed to provide an easy way to promote doTERRA products to audiences/customers with no requirements or obligations of any kind, yet still provide an attractive long term, uncapped, residual income opportunity.

Common participants in the affiliate program:

  • Business owners
  • Organizations
  • Social media influencers
  • Bloggers and online marketers
  • Content creators

Who can become an affiliate?

Any individual or business that resides in the U.S. and that is not already an active doTERRA Wellness Advocate can participate.

What are the program requirements?

Once enrolled as an Affiliate there are no additional requirements to earn income. There are neither minimum selling quotas or payout caps. You receive a commissions for any purchases made through your affiliate links indefinitely.

We encourage affiliates to participate in doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program for their personal purchases or when purchasing products intended to promote, but it is not required. The rewards program can earn the affiliate 10-30% back on their purchases.

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How does the affiliate program work?

Once an affiliate, you’ll receive a customized business website and a link generator tool. Use the link generator to easily create personalized links to any product or shopping page you want to promote. As customers shop using your links you’ll earn the following commissions from each purchase:

doTERRA Affiliate Earnings

Commissions are paid out once a week for all sales generated the previous week. You can set up a direct deposit to receive the funds into your bank. The percentage paid does not fluctuate across time or volume levels. There are no minimum quotas or payout caps.

> About Retail Sales:

When a customer clicks on your link, they’ll see the retail and wholesale price of the product. If they choose to purchase at retail price, you’ll earn 25% of the PV of their purchase.

> About Wholesale Customer Sales:

When a customer clicks on your link, they’ll see the retail and wholesale price of the product. Some customers will decide to purchase at wholesale by signing up as a member during checkout. You’ll earn 20% of the PV of their purchase.

Tip: Encouraging customers to create a wholesale account would be advantageous to you in the long term because they’ll repeatedly use their account to make additional future purchases. This helps create residual income for you. A retail customer on the other hand may choose to purchase products from a different site next time.

doTERRA Affiliate Program Sales

Steps to become a doTERRA Affiliate

  1. Enroll as a Wellness Advocate (Must enroll from this link)
  2. Choose any kit or individual product(s) you wish with your enrollment order. (TIP: Starter Kits come with free membership and greatest savings)
  3. Enter your name as you wish it to be displayed to your customers on your customized business website and affiliate links. You can use your personal or business name. For Example: If you want to use the business name of “Happy Wellness Center”, then enter “Happy” as First Name and “Wellness Center” as Last Name.
  4. Choose the Wellness Advocate account type and enter the associated SSN/EIN
  5. Proceed to checkout

Please allow 24 hours for doTERRA to update your account to an Affiliate. Once updated, you can start marketing doTERRA products immediately and earning.

What support will I have?

You’ll receive support from doTERRA Presidential Diamonds and North American Latinos Founders Paul and Delmar Ahlstrom. With over 12 years experience building successful doTERRA businesses around the world, we look forward to helping you get started too!

Once enrolled, we’ll contact you to set up a 30 min orientation by ZOOM.

  • Learn how to set up your business website
  • Use the link generator
  • Tracking earnings
  • Build marketing strategies
  • Get connect you to educational resources

You may also call doTERRA customer service for additional support. 1-800-411-8151

How to become a doTERRA Affiliate
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