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Top Eyewear Trends 2019 Ushered In by Social Media

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Seeing is believing, and your vision is about to become clear.

The eyewear trends in 2019 are out of this world. If you don’t believe us, then take a look at the latest frames to hit the runway.

This year you can revamp your look with the latest frames to highlight your best features. If you have to wear glasses to see, then you might as well feel great sporting a new pair of eyeglasses.

Whether you’re planning to ditch your contacts or replace your sunglasses, you’ll want to show off these stylish frames for 2019. Check out our list of shapes, sizes, and colors to find out where eyeglass fashion is headed this year!

Nerd Alert

The nerd trend is still on point for 2019, but with a modern edge. Large plastic frames are still in. Celebrities are sporting these oversize frames in square shapes and dark colors. You can mix it up this year by expanding your color palette or picking a traditional pattern like tortoiseshell.

Go extra nerdy with a pair of round wire frames. The metal frame is chic and simple, but the shape will be modern and fashion forward. This year you can pull off the Harry Potter look with this new approach to an old classic.

Modern Vintage

If you like the retro look, then this year won’t disappoint. This year we continue to see modern twists to our favorite fashion eras.

Topline frames are two-toned and offer a vintage feel. Typically they have a dark color on top and a starkly different lighter shade halfway down. These make for a modern meets vintage look. The style frames your eyes without feeling too heavy and closed-in.

They’re a great alternative to purchasing all black frames. You can wear this soft look can be in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as round or cat eye, to match a variety of face shapes.

Go Big or Go Home

If you’re ready to make a statement with your frames, then you can snatch up these frames that extend outside the width of your face. Rather than trying to hide your glasses, why not make them the main part of your style?

The biggest trend this year are aviators, which are being worn extra large. Metal aviator frames look chic and fashion forward. Get lenses that transition into sunglasses and your aviators can play double duty throughout your day.

Aviators are a great option for both men and women. They’re a timeless shape so you can’t go wrong with this style.

Mod Squad

Speaking of big, 2019 is bringing chunky back in the best ways. There’s a new trend on the rise and it’s 70’s-inspired. We love these large frames that are big and bold with a throwback feel.

If you want to be fashion forward with your new glasses, then you can hop on this growing style trend then get yourself to a disco. Plus, you don’t have to pair these with bell bottoms. They go with modern and hipster looks.

Subtle Yet Stylish

Don’t want your glasses to distract from your smiling face? One of the latest eyewear trends in 2019 is transparent frames. These plastic frames come in light and airy colors like pink or tan that are more subdued.

The transparency takes away from the harsh lines of darker frames while still being fun and flirty. They also make it easier to match with your daily style. These glasses showcase your style without shouting it.

You can also go for an even more barely-there approach with these frameless wire glasses.


Tired of the same old shapes? Frames are taking on new geometric shapes to add dimension to your look.

Don’t settle for a circle or a square, you can find glasses with more angles. Pair it with a transparent color if you don’t want to get too bold. You can also go for it and get them in bright colors and patterns.

Right Meow

Some of your favorite trends are still having their day in the sun with new twists. The cat-eye shape is still a favorite among designers, but with even more variations to choose from.

These new styles match solid colors with patterns, and you can also try unique shapes like hearts like those seen on the runway. Even triangle shaped glasses are making the scene but in a futuristic approach.

Which brings us to our next trend…

Spaced Out

This year we are seeing a new trend that takes your eyewear out of this world. You can try this trend in the eyeglasses and sunglasses variety. Protecting your eyes from the sun is more than trendy. It’s a matter of safety.

These glasses look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie. The space cadet look has already landed on the runway and we suspect they’ll be blowing up in stores near you.


Take your color palette to the next level with some patterned eyewear. Gone are the solid and tortoiseshell varieties. We’re going to see a boost in patterns and color combinations that take on a life of their own.

Sure, you may have a hard time matching these to every outfit you own. But sometimes you can’t hold back from something you love.

Double Bridge

For a sophisticated look, you’ve got to try out the double bridge. This look works for men and women and can come in a variety of styles. Including a sporty or contemporary feel.

Try it in gold or dark metal and you’ll be turning heads on your next walk around town.

Which of these Eyewear Trends in 2019 Will You Choose?

This year try an eyewear trend that will make you stand out. It’s a year of fun, flirty, and far out.

Whether you plan to try a new bold color or a classic look with a new twist, 2019 is your year to get creative.If you’re looking for the best eyewear trends in 2019, we’ve got something for everyone. Contact us to learn how you can get your hands on some great new glasses!

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