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Acrylic Bath Surrounds Vs Mold: One Of The Most Effective Solutions

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Acrylic bath surrounds are fighting the good fight against mold.

Keeping the bathroom clean is not often the chore that tops people’s list of favorite household activities. Even more than actually having to clean our bathrooms, it’s what we could end up finding that keeps us apprehensive.

After all, we can deal with dirt and grime. Mold and mildew on the other hand? That’s where this chore begins to get unpleasant.

For one, the growth of mold and mildew in the corners of our tubs and showers is an eyesore. It’s impossible not to feel like we’ve done something wrong – even if it’s the bathroom’s design or lack of ventilation that’s to blame.

From there, the mold sticks around, ignoring our valiant efforts to scrub and spray it away. The only trick they respond to is bleach, but bleach has its own problems. It can be dangerous on its own, when mixed with other substances, and when used incorrectly it can permanently discolor your bathroom.

Ultimately, one of the best ways to fight mold is to make sure that it doesn’t show up in the first place. With acrylic bath surrounds, that’s more possible than ever

How Acrylic Bath Surrounds Work To Fight Mold

It helps to start by understanding the necessary ingredients for mold to form. In bathrooms, it’s the areas where moisture accumulates over time. When moisture sticks around without drying up, fungus can gain a foothold.

What makes an acrylic bath surround a solution to this problem is its non-stick surface. Because the fungus can’t stick to it, it can’t develop and grow. What’s more, that moisture-resistant surface also helps to prevent water from accumulating in the first place.

The Dangers Of Bathroom Mold

If you think mold is only unsightly, this conversation might seem unnecessary. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that mold can actually be harmful.

Bathroom mold releases spores that, when breathed in, can result in anything from rashes to migraines to respiratory issues. People who are at risk include the very young or old, those with weakened immune systems, those who are allergic or sensitive to mold, and those with asthma.

Even if you are lucky enough to not be affected by mold spores, it’s likely that someone in your family or a visitor to your home could be. That’s why it’s important to be proactive.

What Makes Acrylic Molds A Visually Appealing And Effective Solution

When considering which materials to choose for a new bathroom, many homeowners automatically settle on tiles and grout. There’s no denying that they look great in the beginning. Unfortunately, there’s also no denying that they are prone to mold and mildew buildup.

A more effective solution versus mold is an acrylic bath surround or an acrylic shower stall modification.

Because acrylic is a tightly-sealed material, moisture can’t get in between any crevices where mold grows unseen for weeks (which is what happens when you start to see surface mold on grout).

Another benefit to using a surface that is inhospitable to grout is reducing the need for powerful chemicals to clean your bathroom. This makes acrylic molds better for your bathroom, and for you.

Additional Steps To Prevent Bathroom Mold

Tired of getting down on your knees to scrub with a hard-bristled brush? Not a fan of the smell of bleach?

With an acrylic bath surround, keeping mold at bay is as simple as using a basic cleaner and water softener. Since the acrylic surface already repels moisture, this light cleaning is more for general hygiene.

Another important step is opening up your bathroom windows and/or turning on a fan after you shower. By airing out the room, you’ll give your bathroom a helping hand against any mold colonies forming.

Working With Winstar To Install Your Next Acrylic Bath Surrounds

Have you decided to install acrylic bath surrounds in your bathroom? Still wondering if they’re the right choice for your bathroom renovation?

At Winstar, we’ve been working to help Maryland families with their bathroom remodels since 1994. If you’d like help with your next project, give our experienced team a call.

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