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Ultimate Breakaway Banner Guide

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What is Breakaway banner? 

A breakaway banner is a large banner used at sporting events. Usually, the banners display team colors, logos, or slogans. Right before the game, the cheer team or boosters hold the banner upright. As the team intro starts, players bust through the banner and run onto the field. As a result, players and fans alike become energized.

How do Breakaway Banners Work? 

The most common of the three banners types is the Paper Run Through Banners. Simply put, a large piece of paper that rips apart when the players bust through it. However, this makes the paper banner a one and done option. Whereas, vinyl and Fabric Breakaway Banners have two halves. Hook and loop fasteners like Velcro, hold the pieces in the middle. As a result, Fabric and Vinyl Breakaway Banners can be re-used.
In addition, Fabric and Vinyl breakaways have pole pockets at each end. These pockets are used to insert poles. These poles are used to hold up the banner as players run through it.

Where can I find breakaway banner ideas?

Internet – You can find many excellent breakaway banner ideas online. An image search for breakaway banners; will return numerous examples. You can choose and personalize any of these for your team or event.

Social Media – You can find breakaway banner ideas on social media. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are full of great ideas.

Design Templates – Some dealers offer design templates you can customize. These allow you to personalize the design with your colors and images.

Design Services – Some dealers will design your breakaway banner for a fee. Fortunately, you can find dealers that offer free design. Big Tex Banners and Flags will design your run through sign free of charge!

What are breakaway banners made of? 

The three most common materials used for Breakaway Banners

Banner Paper

A popular option for DIY banners, but one time use once. The initial cost may seem low, a new banner each game adds up. Especially when you consider the time creating a new banner for each game. There are advantages to a paper breakaway sign though. You can customize it for each opponent and particular events. This allows you to target homecoming games.

Vinyl Scrim

Vinyl is the most common material for re-usable banners. Most online dealers will offer this type of football run-through sign. While Vinyl is a common option, it has several drawbacks. First there is the weight, vinyl is much heavier than fabric. Then there is the stiff nature of vinyl. This stiffness only allows rolling of the banner, making them harder to store. The graphics on a banner are easier to damage from scratching.

Fabric –

A step up from Vinyl, Fabric banners are Polyester or Nylon.
Fabric Run through Banners are much lighter and easier to store. The graphics on fabric are less likely to scratch. Overall, fabric is the better choice for run through signs.


How to Design a Great Breakaway Banner

High-Resolution Images / Print-ready artwork –

Avoid using images found online as they are low resolution. Online images may be easy to find, but they are horrible for printing. You risk pixelated, blurry images using online images.

First check with the school district, athletic departments, or related booster clubs. You should be able to find print ready images. If not, you may have to hire someone to create printable artwork. You can find people on Fiverr who will help with this. Artist on Fiverr can convert your image to a print-ready image. This cost for this is usually about $25 – $50.

However, if you can not find good images, the site Fiverr may help. Fiverr is an online community of artist and specialist. Converting your image to a print ready image will cost about $25 – $50 on Fiverr. If you use this option, be sure to make the art available to the school. This way the school will have the images for future use.

Color Specs

Most breakaway Banners are for school or team events. This means you would want to match the school/team colors as close as possible. Some dealers can print your team colors using the Pantone Color System. This system allows matching colors by a universal color code.

You will need this color code for the best chance at color matching. If you can not find these specs, there are options to establish the codes. You can contact us, and we can help you.


How much does a breakaway banner cost? 

The cost of your breakaway banner will depend on the size and material. You can expect to pay $200 to $400 for a quality breakaway banner. Big Tex Banners offers wholesale pricing on fabric breakaway banners. No set-up fees or shipping charges.

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