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What Are the Benefits of Having Porch Windows?

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Research shows that spending at least 120 minutes in nature every week can boost our mental health and overall sense of well-being.

You can spend two hours at a park on a Saturday or a few minutes each day on your balcony and get the same effect.

The trouble is, not everyone has easy access to the great outdoors. People with mobility issues, seasonal allergies, or a simple lack of free time can easily miss out on valuable time in nature.

Luckily, adding porch windows to your home provides a solution. Read on to learn about all the benefits of enclosing your deck or porch with convertible screen porch windows.

Let’s in Natural Light

Have you noticed that you’re in a better mood when it’s sunny outside? That’s the power of natural light and vitamin D.

Even if you have windows in your home, nothing compares to the natural light you get from the wall-to-wall windows of an enclosed porch.

Windows will turn your porch into the perfect sunny space to visit when you’re feeling down.

Plus, all the natural light makes your porch enclosure the perfect place for houseplants. They’ll get plenty of sunlight without exposure to bugs or animals.

Expands Your Living Space

Enclosing a porch or deck with porch windows will expand your living space. Since it’s protected from wind, rain, and snow, you can sit in your porch enclosure no matter the weather.

You can use the space as a playroom for kids, as a lounge area, or even a home office. With a comfy sofa and chairs, you can even turn it into a second living room.

Plus, since you’re just enclosing an existing porch, it’s much cheaper than building a brand new addition.

The boost in square footage will also appeal to buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.

Offers Ventilation

If you opt for combination screen and vinyl windows like the ones from Porch Windows Direct, you’ll get great ventilation when you want it.

In fact, they offer as much as 75% ventilation. When it gets too chilly, just close the windows for more comfort.

You also have the option to open the windows from the top or bottom. Simply pull down or push up the sash to reveal the screen.

If you’re using the space as an office, try opening the windows from the top to prevent papers from blowing around.

It’s also a safe option if kids or pets are around. To make it feel more like you’re outdoors, open the windows from the bottom for a great breeze.

Provides a Safe Haven for Seasonal Allergy Sufferers

Pollen, ragweed, and dust can lead to runny noses, itchy eyes, and sneezing for seasonal allergy sufferers. For those with lung conditions like asthma, it can even lead to a flare-up.

But, allergy sufferers will feel left out if they have to go inside when allergens are high.

Luckily, a porch enclosure offers the perfect compromise. They’ll still get to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of the great outdoors without contending with pollen and the like.

If you or your family members suffer from allergies, investing in one of the screen porch window systems will be a game-changer.

They can enjoy a great view of the outdoors without suffering the consequences.

Extends the Use of Your Porch

With a traditional porch or deck, you can only use it when the weather’s nice enough to sit outside. But what about days when it’s rainy, windy, snowing, or sweltering hot?

By using windows to enclose your porch, you can use it all year or most of the year if you live in a cold climate.

When it’s too hot to sit outside, you can enjoy the cool shade of the porch. If it’s too chilly or rainy outside, you can still get a dose of the outdoors in the enclosure.

That also means you won’t have to feel sad when summer ends and it’s time to put the patio furniture away.

Simply close the windows on your porch and you won’t miss a beat!

Keeps the Bugs Away

Mosquitos, flies, bees, and picnic bugs can quickly ruin an outdoor gathering. Even if they don’t bite, they can still buzz your ears and land on food.

If you live in a buggy climate, you might have a very narrow window of bug-free weather.

Enclosed porch windows will keep the bugs out and let the fresh air in. You’ll get the feeling of being outdoors without the nuisance of bug bites. Plus, the bugs will leave your food and drinks alone.

It also offers protection for people with a bee allergy or those who get a bad reaction from mosquito bites.

They’ll feel much more comfortable if you’re having a party or a gathering if they know there’s some built-in bug protection.

Offers Privacy from the Neighbors

Even the best neighbors can get on your nerves. Sometimes you just want to be able to sit outside in peace without anyone looking at you.

The trouble is, neighbors might get hurt feelings if you suddenly build a tall privacy fence or wall between your houses.

In some towns or municipalities, tall fences actually violate building codes.

That’s where vinyl porch windows come in. These materials often come in varying tints from light gray to black so you can choose the amount of privacy you want.

No matter the shade, you’ll still be able to see out but your neighbors won’t see in.

Thanks to porch windows, you can enjoy some privacy from your neighbors without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Consider Adding Porch Windows to Your Home

Adding porch windows to your deck or porch can transform your home and lifestyle. Not only will you get to enjoy your outdoor space for longer, but you’ll also get more usable square footage, natural light, and ventilation.

It’s also a great way to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle of bugs or seasonal allergies.

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