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7 Key Questions You’ll Want to Ask Before Buying an LED Display Screen

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Digital advertising signs can increase brand awareness by more than 47%. These eye-catching displays will bring people into your business, party, or event with their stunning look. There are so many benefits of using an LED display screen like your message being easily visible to the low maintenance costs. They’re a great choice all around.

But it can be a little overwhelming to choose between all of the available options to make sure you get the right one for you. We’ve compiled the seven key questions to ask when looking for your new LED display screen.

1. What Will it Be Used for Exactly?

Before you begin searching for the right interactive LED display, you should have a very clear understanding of what you’re looking for.

There are countless applications available utilizing LED technology. So the world is really yours when deciding how to use it for your business. But if you start looking before your idea is solidified, you can waste a lot of time.

Instead of that, have an idea of what you want the result to be before looking. Then once you start looking you can narrow down your search significantly.

This also allows you to find the best deal because you have the time to search around.

2. How Bright Will it Get?

One of the most beneficial aspects of LED lights is that they can be fully customized.

The technology used within them allows the lights to be significantly brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs. This is a great benefit to using LED lights, especially for these kinds of display purposes.

Most companies will have a projection for how bright the display will be and in turn from how far away it can be seen.

This is an especially important factor to consider when your LED display is an advertising sign. You want to be sure that your message will be visible to the surrounding high traffic areas.

Since you can customize the brightness, you should be able to achieve the look you’re going for in most display options.

3. Can it Be Used Outside?

While there certainly are some indoor applications for LED display screens, chances are high that you’ll want your display outside.

These are the most visible places and help you reach a larger number of potential customers or patrons. But not all systems are created to be an outdoor display screen. It’s important to make sure that the one you go with will work outside.

The most important thing to find out is if the display is completely sealed off and prepared to endure the elements.

Most displays are fine to get wet or dirty but you don’t want any residual water or dust to get into the machine. These can mess with the electronics and cause failure.

4. Does it Have Color Correcting Technology?

Another major benefit of LED lighting is the ability to change the colors displayed by the bulb. And most bulbs can produce a variety of colors.

Within an LED bulb are different color receptors; usually red, blue, yellow. When all are on it will produce white light. But different combinations of the lights, as well as their individual brightnesses, can produce all kinds of colors.

Some LED displays will use software that allows you to correct the colors and customize what is actually shown. You’ll want to know if your display has this capability or not before purchasing.

5. What is Required for Maintenance?

LED lightbulbs have become very popular in recent years because they are so low maintenance.

These types of lights last much longer than their traditional counterparts. They don’t burn out as quickly because they have much lower heat emissions and are more efficient.

While researching and finding the right LED display screen for you, it’s helpful to look into what kind of maintenance will be required to keep it running smoothly.

You want to ensure that you can handle that maintenance so your purchase doesn’t become unusable. Maintenance for these kinds of displays usually includes occasional cleaning and even more rare bulb changing.

But sometimes a system update will be needed, in that case, you’ll need access to someone who knows the software.

6. Who Has Access to the Sign?

The LED display screen is a great option for advertising or events because it can be completely customized. From the message being displayed to the colors being used, you will have the ability to choose it all.

Looking into the LED video software before purchasing will give you an idea of how to use the display.

It’s also critical to understand who will have access to the display as well. You’ll want to know how many people can have logins, how they will get into the system, and what abilities they’ll have.

Understanding these can help you plan out your display and use it in the most effective way.

7. What Will it Cost to Run?

Possibly the greatest benefit of using LED lights is that they are so much more cost-effective than other options.

Since they waste so much less power in heat output, they can run more efficiently. With much less wasted power, your energy bill will also be significantly less. This is why LED display screens are often a good option for most budgets.

You can run them for extended periods of time without breaking the bank paying for the electricity.

But you can get a good idea of what it will cost to run your LED display before purchasing to make sure that you can, in fact, afford to use this technology.

Buying the Right LED Display Screen

Finding the right LED display screen is essential to getting your desired results. There are so many options available, you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for.

Whether your display is to draw customers in or to create the party atmosphere at an event, an LED display screen is a great investment. It can change the whole environment with one element.

If you’re ready to find the right display for you, contact us today!

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