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How Beauty Salon Owners Can Increase Revenue

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Running a beauty salon is fun. Making people look beautiful is not only rewarding, but it’s also profitable.

And if you’re excellent at your job and have a charming personality, then you’ll always have a steady stream of customers.

However, beauty salon competition for customers can be tough, especially in bigger cities. 

How to stand out in the crowded market?

Offer a service that others don’t or go the extra mile with promotion.

Introduce more products and services in your salon

If you’re only offering a few services, then there’ll only be so much that they can spend at your salon.

As such, it’s worthwhile looking at boosting the number of products and services that you offer.

There are a couple of different ways to do this. You could hire someone who has skills that you don’t possess, or you could take a course, such as a microneedling training course, that’ll allow you to offer additional services.

If you already offer botox and dermal fillers in your salon, but want to take your offering to the next level, check out this medical aesthetics course and learn the advanced techniques in augmentation & restoration. Their course will also teach the proven step-by-step marketing method that gets a steady stream of dream customers booking your aesthetic treatments.

You could also open a tattoo shop. There are many great tattoo studio supplies that can provide everything you need to offer tattoo services from inks, cartridges, needles, gloves, and more. 

You can also look at upselling; do you have products that you could sell from your salon? 

Create a refer-a-friend scheme

Your repeat customers are the foundation of your success. You can use your loyal customers to bring in new customers without having to overspend on marketing.

Refer-a-friend scheme is clever because you reward both, the referrer and referee at the same time.

You can simply offer a referee (a newcomer) a discount for trying your service for the first time and for the referrer the discount on their next appointment.

People are highly likely to take a recommendation from a friend, which means it’s highly probable that they’ll take advantage of the offer.

Utilise digital marketing channels and reviews sites

More and more people are turning to search engines to find a new salon or service in their area.

If your business is currently on the 2nd page of the search results list, then you’ll need to improve your SEO.

There are many SEO agencies you can work with. But if you are a local business, it’s best to work with SEO agency serving local SEO, ideally in your area. This will help with planning strategies and communications. A local SEO agency will help you to claim your Google Business Page, and fill it out with as much information as possible, including location, opening times, how to book, etc. They will also create a plan of how to get more people to leave favourable reviews on Google.

You can also utilise content sharing and reviews platforms like KulFiy to share your message with the world.

Create beautiful experiences online and offline

According to Design4Retail founder Chris Baker: “Covid-19 pandemic has driven events and experiences into the home, the so-called experience economy is set to boom, with its value predicted to reach £168m by mid-2021.

2021 will see new technologies and more innovative concepts continuing to deliver consumers the connection to real-world activity they crave.”

Extended working hours

Finally, take a look at your opening hours and availability. There are people who cannot get to a salon during regular hours.

Make yourself available for other appointments that take place out of hours, and you could find that you have a whole range of new customers who have thus far been unable to visit you. 

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