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How does a Criminal Defense Attorney Differ from Other Attorneys?

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A criminal defense attorney specializes in defending individuals and entities charged with criminal offenses. These professionals have extensive knowledge of criminal law and procedure. Criminal defense attorneys represent their clients in criminal investigations, through the legal process, and ultimately at trial if charges are filed. They analyze evidence, interview witnesses, negotiate with prosecutors, and advocate for the best possible outcome for their client.

In contrast, other attorneys practice general law and may handle a variety of legal matters like real estate transactions, drafting contracts, civil lawsuits, family law, etc. They may have a broad legal background but do not specifically focus on criminal law. Most regular attorneys do not have the specialized experience and skills needed for high-stakes criminal defense cases involving complex investigations, forensic evidence, or constitutional issues.

The training of a criminal defense attorney is focused heavily on trial skills. If your case is headed to trial – whether that is a civil trial or a criminal one – criminal lawyers and former prosecutors have far more experience in trial than transactional lawyers, who may have little to no real life trial experience.

To succeed in trial, an attorney must know how to properly ask questions utilizing the evidentiary rules. A trial attorney must know how to craft a theory of their case, support that theory with properly admitted evidence, and argue their case to a jury.  The best trial lawyers are those that have tried many cases, who know the rules of evidence, how to lay foundations for evidence, and even, who have a sense of humor and can connect with people.

Criminal defense attorneys who also practice civil law, are often the clients greatest ally in achieving justice for their case. However, the same is not necessarily true in the converse.  Civil attorneys rarely go to trial, and when they do, their idea of how best to argue their case is informed by book knowledge rather than real life trial experiences.

Criminal defense attorneys have experience with the criminal justice system, maintain relationships with prosecutors and judges, and understand police interrogation methods and strategies. Their sole focus is protecting their clients’ freedom and rights at every stage. Criminal defense attorneys are familiar with alternative options like diversion programs and plea bargains to avoid harsh sentences if an individual is convicted at trial. Criminal defense attorneys are often better equipped than regular attorneys to construct an effective defense, given their prior experience handling similar cases.

Although any attorney can technically take on a criminal case, a criminal defense lawyer’s specialized expertise and devotion to criminal law makes them better suited for mounting a vigorous defense in trial and criminal proceedings. Their knowledge of criminal law intricacies and zealous advocacy during the complex criminal justice process coupled with practical know-how sets criminal defense attorneys apart from general practitioners.

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