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That New Employee Smell: What to Do When Hiring Your First Employee

If you’re a new business owner, chances are that you’re overworked and exhausted from trying to run the show by yourself. The time has come to hire an employee.

But before you begin your search, it’s important to educate yourself about how to complete this process the right way. There are lots of factors to consider before hiring a new employee like background checks, references, and salary offers.

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Educate Yourself About Discrimination Laws

You want to run an ethical business, don’t you?

If so, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with nationwide equal opportunity laws. Even if you don’t consider yourself a discriminatory person, it’s important to protect yourself and your employees.

Strive for Fair Pay

If you could really use some help around the office but you can’t afford to hire an employee…don’t. In many states, the minimum wage is extremely difficult to survive on, especially for employees who support families.

When the time comes to hire your first employee, make sure you’re clear with them about their pay and benefits. You should also outline how often they can expect a pay raise or an opportunity to grow within your company.

Keep in mind that benefit offers will be different when you hire a part-time employee. So, if you’re interested in hiring part-time employees and full-time employees, you’ll need to differentiate clear benefit offers first.

And to accurately track payments, use a checkstub maker. This will record your employees’ salary information, taxes, overtime pay, etc.

Ask for References (And Follow Through)

References from previous employers are a great way to find out if a prospective employee is a good match for your business. When you invite someone to an interview, be sure to ask them to bring a few references along with their résumé.

And, this is the important part, be sure to follow through by calling each of these references. Even if you get a great vibe from a candidate, it’s important to verify their excellence.

Show Your Gratitude

After you hire your first employee, your focus may shift to growing your business in other ways. But it’s important not to forget to show your gratitude for their hard work.

Brainstorm some thoughtful ways to show your appreciation as they grow with your company. It will inspire and motivate them to continue producing excellent work.

Good Luck Hiring Your First Employee!

If you’re ready to hire an employee, that’s a great sign for your business. It means that you’re growing and expanding. Before you know it, you’ll have a team of people supporting you and helping your business flourish.

Use the tips above to complete the hiring process properly. Remember to familiarize yourself with equal opportunity laws, to ask for references, and to make sure that your employee receives a fair wage.

Not sure what steps to take after hiring your first employee? Check out our guide to creating a stellar employee training program.

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