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At the time of writing this article, there are roughly 27 million Americans who play golf. The popularity of the sport in the country has endured a long time, with many of the world’s top golfers coming from the U.S.

Today, golf attracts players of all ages. It’s one of the few games you can take part in throughout your life. Sure, the overall number of people who play golf has decreased slightly over time, but the game still gets a lot of new players every year.

Learning how to play golf is the first major step towards enjoying the sport. Understandably, many people interested in golfing are often scared away by the many rules, the different types of clubs, and the lingo of the sport.

That’s why we prepared this comprehensive guide on golf for beginners. Let us shepherd you through any uncertainties regarding this beautiful game and get you ready for the golf course.

Keep reading for the best golf tips for beginners.

How to Play Golf

The journey to playing golf like the pros starts by learning about the different aspects of the game, including the rules, the equipment, etiquette, swinging, and hitting. We’ll address each of these things in this section.

1. Learning the Rules of the Game

Like all sports, golf has its set of rules that you’ll need to adhere to. Of course, you can’t master all the rules on how to golf during the first few weeks. However, you can try to learn the basic rules of the game.

Here are four of them:

Stick to the Object of the Game

The entire objective of golf is to get the golf ball from the starting point to the green, and then into the hole. The hole is usually marked by a flag. The aim is to get the ball into the hole using as few shots as possible.

Play by Order of Holes

Different golf courses are structured differently. Generally, you’ll have a specific hole to start with and a specific hole to end with. Ensure you stick to the order of holes provided.

A good idea is to invest in a course map.

Wait for Your Turn in the Group

To have order when playing, everyone in the group takes turns playing. Understand when your turn is and stick to it to avoid confusion. Typically, the player with the best score from the previous hole goes first, with the next best score going next, and so on.

Avoid Moving Your Ball on the Course

As you begin to learn to golf, you’ll find that your ball keeps landing in unexpected places. Picking up the ball and moving it is against the rules unless there’s a man-made obstruction blocking it. Otherwise, you have to play the ball where it is.

What if your ball falls into the water? Well, you’ll need to drop your ball where you hit it and retake the shot. Of course, you have to take a penalty too.

2. Obtaining Equipment

You can’t become a good player without the proper equipment of the game. Before you hit the golf course, invest in the right golfing equipment for you. This equipment includes:

Golf Clubs

Every player is allowed a maximum of 14 clubs in their bag. However, you’re only going to need a driver, a sand wedge, a putter, a 6- and 8-iron, a pitching wedge, and, of course, a hybrid. Ask your seller for the best golf clubs for beginners.

Most golf clubs allow players to rent clubs, so you can opt to do so if you don’t have enough money to purchase your set when you’re starting out.

Tees and Balls

These are quite easy to find. Since you’re only looking for tees and balls to practice, opt for the less expensive ones. Remember that you’re going to lose lots of balls when starting out, so avoid the more expensive options.

A Bag and Golf Gloves

You’re going to need a sturdy bag for your golf balls, clubs, gear, and snacks. You can get a good one at sports gear websites or buy a preowned one at thrift stores and yard sales.

Gloves help protect your hands from blisters that may form as a result of swinging the clubs. Moreover, they give you a firm grip on the club even when you’re sweating.

3. Swinging

Now that you know the basic rules of the game and have obtained the appropriate gear to play golf, it’s time to learn how to start golfing on the actual golf course.

To set up your swing, you’ll need to:

  • Ensure that your knees and hips are slightly bent as you stand up
  • Bring the club back and make sure its parallel to the ground
  • Bring your club up at a 900° angle
  • Bring the club all the way up by turning your shoulders

4. Hitting the Ball

With the swing set, it’s time to hit the golf ball. Follow the following procedure:

  • Shift your body weight slightly to the opposite side as you swing your club down
  • Straighten your body to face the target as the club makes contact with the golf ball
  • Try to extend both arms fully for the follow-through

5. How to Play with Proper Etiquette

Given that golf is a social game, every player on the course must adhere to proper etiquette. Always do your best to keep up with the rest of the group, ensuring you’re ready when your turn to hit the ball comes.

A friendly chat with other players is okay, but not when someone is about to take a shot. Always stay out of the way of a shot to be safe. If there’s a chance that your ball will hit a person, alert them early enough.

You Can Learn to Play Golf Quickly

Learning how to play golf can usher you into a world of fun, relaxation, and competition that you’ve been missing out on all along.

To get started, all you need is to learn the sport’s basic rules, acquire the right equipment, and practice swinging and hitting the ball.

Don’t forget to observe the appropriate golf course etiquette so you can play comfortably with everyone else.

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