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Yashu Washu Streamlines Laundry and Dry Cleaning Operations with Breezy Laundry Lockers

Expanding Service Footprint: Yashu Washu’s Growth with Laundry Lockers


New York, USA, December 22, 2023— The laundry and dry cleaning sector faces a critical juncture in an industry traditionally marked by face-to-face interactions and manual processes. Rising staff costs and escalating competition are pressuring businesses to seek innovative solutions to provide a more convenient service, keep costs down and find more customers. At the forefront of this transformative wave is a simple yet revolutionary concept: laundry lockers.

Laundry lockers can be installed within or outside a store to automate pickup and delivery, reduce staff costs, and extend opening hours. They can also be installed inside apartment buildings, offices, shopping malls, and universities to attract customers. Customers drop off their garments in an open locker, use the app to make an order and receive a notification and code to access the locker where the cleaner has dropped clean clothes back. Cleaners can also pick up and drop off several orders at once, making operations more efficient.

Among the pioneers of this trend is Jan Wodnicki, the owner of Yashu Washu in Chicago, who has used laundry lockers to reinvent his business model. Like many in his industry, Jan faced the dual challenge of managing increased staff costs and staying competitive. In response, he turned to laundry lockers, a solution that has streamlined his operations and expanded his customer base. “I wanted my business to expand in both location and time,” Jan stated, reflecting his proactive approach to overcoming industry challenges.

These lockers, installed in strategic locations like apartment buildings and offices, offered Jan the ability to increase his service footprint without increasing labour or rental costs. “Laundry lockers allow customers living in apartment buildings and working in offices to access our services outside of traditional business hours,” Jan explained.

The customer response to this new system was overwhelmingly positive. “Our customers love the added option to our existing services,” Jan remarked, affirming the lockers’ popularity and acceptance. Looking towards the future, Jan is optimistic about expanding his network of laundry lockers. “I currently have 100 lockers installed and am looking to double that number next year,” he revealed.

According to Jan, the partnership with Breezy Laundry Lockers was pivotal in this transformation. Breezy Laundry Locker’s contribution extended beyond just supplying the physical lockers. “Their assistance in finding new locations for our lockers has been invaluable,” Jan remarks, Their sales materials were crucial in capturing opportunities to install lockers in new locations.

Moreover, Breezy’s support in crafting and executing marketing strategies significantly elevated the visibility and appeal of Jan’s services. “The marketing materials and support provided by Breezy were game-changers in promoting our locker services,” Jan explains. This comprehensive marketing approach played a crucial role in educating potential customers about the benefits of the lockers and driving adoption.

In conclusion, laundry lockers are a proven means to help traditional laundry and dry cleaning businesses leverage technology to make their businesses more efficient and get more customers while making the service more convenient.

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