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When Do You Need a Car Wreck Lawyer?

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Did you know that speed-related crashes cost Americans about $40.4 billion each year? Were you recently in a car accident, and not sure whether you need a lawyer or not?

In this article, drive into when you need a car wreck lawyer. Read on to find out all the reasons why you’ll want one, and ensure that you’re protected in the future.

When Should I Get a Car Accident Lawyer?

Are you wondering whether you need a car accident attorney or not? Before you decide you don’t need one, you’ll want to first get checked out by a doctor.

You can always check with an auto accident lawyer who will offer you a free consultation.

A good car crash lawyer will listen to your needs and not take every case that comes to them. They’ll ask you questions to see if there’s a case before they offer to help you.

You might need an attorney if:

  • Insurance isn’t helping out
  • Someone got seriously hurt or died
  • Broken bones
  • Hospital stays
  • Missing work for a couple of days
  • Multiple injuries
  • A dispute over the accident
  • Inaccurate paperwork
  • Complicated details
  • If it took place in a construction zone

A car accident lawyer will help you calculate any damages you’ll be able to collect. They’ll be able to help you figure out if the other driver was driving aggressively.

They can also help you take a look at any future medical costs that are expected. A car accident attorney can also help you in case you’ll be receiving reduced compensation.

1. Multiple Injuries

Were there multiple people injured in the car accident? Whether it’s passengers in the same car or not, this still applies.

A car accident attorney can handle multiple claims, and take a look at any pending testimonies.

2. Not Agreeing on Who Is at Fault

Depending on the state and also who is at-fault can be tricky. Look up and decide if your state has at-fault laws.

This law means that if you’re an accident victim who wants to recover some money from your damages, you can’t be half responsible for the car accident.

An attorney can help you in presenting your case to the judge. They’ll then help you with the rest of the legalities until your case is settled.

3. Collecting Injuries

If you need help in obtaining some evidence, a lawyer can help you with this. Newer cars will have recordings that show the first few seconds of a crash. It might show how fast the vehicle was going, or if a seatbelt was worn.

4. Uninsured Parties

Sometimes even if you have insurance, it doesn’t fully cover the damages. Many insurance plans do have uninsured motorist plans, but it might not cover all damages.

You should also contact an attorney if you’re concerned that you won’t be able to pay for the treatment you need and deserve. A lawyer can help you get the treatment you need now, and you won’t have to pay until insurance goes through.

5. Unable to Return to Work

Sometimes accidents can be so severe that you can’t go back to work for a while. An auto accident attorney can look into workers’ compensation for you.

To do this, you’ll need to have a notarized document from your position, and show proof that you’re unable to work.

If you have to have surgery or physical therapy, you can also claim suffering or pain due to the accident.

6. There’s a Problem With the Police Report

Did you find an error on the police report? If so, let your accident lawyer know, and they can help fix any problems on the police report. Sometimes you can see that the other person is lying in the report, and you can let your lawyer know right away.

Do I Need an Attorney Even If It’s Not My Fault?

Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, but you match the problems above, you’ll want to contact an attorney.

When you go to court, a judge could try to say the accident is your fault, so it’s important to have a lawyer to back you up.

A decent lawyer will prove you’re innocent and help you obtain a nice settlement if one is necessary.

When Do I Not Need an Accident Attorney?

Were there no injuries that occurred to you or the other person? If no one was hurt, then you might not need to contact a car crash lawyer.

Make sure you’re cleared by the doctor first before you think you’re injury-free.

What to Look for in a Car Accident Lawyer?

When you’ve decided you’ll need a car accident lawyer, you don’t want to go with just any lawyer.

You’ll want a lawyer who is experienced in car accidents and is easy to talk to.

Good signs of a qualified car wreck lawyer include:

  • They have several years of experience in car accidents
  • They’re taking what you say seriously
  • They understand your injuries
  • They listen to all the details you tell them
  • Most of the cases they take are injury-related, particularly car accidents

You can also ask them for information on previous similar cases, and how they turned out.

Exploring When You Need a Car Wreck Lawyer

Now that you’ve explored when you need a car wreck lawyer, you should have a better idea if it’s time to contact one.

Would you like to learn more about car accidents and their average cost? Check out our other articles today.

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