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7 Benefits Of Taking Paid Surveys Online

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Today’s most prominent companies—the likes of Amazon, Huawei, Samsung, and Volkswagen—have market research and development budgets in the 10s of billions. They obviously put a lot of faith in the outcomes of this research; it drives every aspect of the products they manufacture or design and what and why we buy them.

One of the ways these and many other much smaller American companies get their research data is by outsourcing market research and data gathering tasks. By taking paid surveys online, regular people get paid to provide their opinions on everything from the latest brand of vegan candy to new release novel cover images.

Are you curious about how you can participate in paid surveys? Read on to find out why they’re one of the hottest side hustles.

  1. You Get Paid

By taking surveys, you’ll get paid—either in cash, gift cards, or vouchers—for what is pretty simple work at the end of the day. No, you won’t get rich, but you will be able to bulk up your grocery budget, make a dent in some debt that’s been hanging over you, take care of the monthly utility bill without worrying, or just buy yourself or a loved one something nice.

You could be earning anywhere from about $5 upwards per survey you take. And if you’re getting that in gift cards, most sites let you choose where those gift cards come from. For example, if you choose Amazon gift cards, you can buy almost anything with them—practical or frivolous, you choose!

2. Embrace WFH

Since COVID took the world by surprise in 2020, workplaces were forced to adapt to remote work or fail.

And now that it’s here, this boom in the work-from-home lifestyle isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, more than one in three American employees work at exclusively remote companies.

Online surveys offer all the perks of remote work: flexible hours, taking a break whenever you want, eating lunch at home, working from the beach house, wearing your pajamas all day… Whatever takes your fancy, you can do it!

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3. It Is Inclusive Work

Paid survey websites typically need input from people of various ages, education, and skill levels. For most websites, there’s no need to upload a resume or submit a lengthy application.

Senior citizens, students, stay-at-home-parents, or people who are bed-ridden… This is a job for pretty much anyone.

So long as you have a reliable internet connection and a smartphone or computer, you can do online surveys.

If you have health concerns that limit your mobility or make you fatigued, you can simply do as many surveys as you’re able. If you have limited time in your day due to other work, study, or family commitments, again, just do as much as you can.

It’s this flexibility that people find attractive about survey work and why it’s so widely promoted as a side gig.

4. Your Opinion Counts

How many jobs have you worked in where you struggled to have your ideas and thoughts heard? One survey showed that four out of every five employees feel people at their workplace don’t get a fair hearing.

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By taking surveys for extra money, you’re being given a platform to voice your opinions. And since this market research influences real-life products and services, you can almost guarantee that someone is listening to what you have to say.

5. Surveys Are Fun to Complete

If you’re looking to find an enjoyable way to make extra cash, sign up to complete some surveys.

The work is not only fun, but it’s also simple. All you need to do is log onto the site, read the email sent to you, accept the survey, and spend just a few minutes clicking a few boxes in a list of questions.

They’re simply asking for your honest opinion on whatever the subject may be. You’re not going to get penalized for marking something wrong. In fact, you’ll only ever get rewarded for your efforts.

And what could be more satisfying than that?

6. Work When You Want

Just like you can work from anywhere you want, you can also choose your hours. There’s no one asking you to clock in, you don’t need to remember to hit the timer on your digital tracker (unless you want to), and you can take as long of a lunch break as you want.

Best of all, there’s always a survey online waiting for you to complete it. The internet never sleeps, after all.

Are you a night owl who likes to stay up until 2 am? Perhaps you want to rise with the sun and get working before everyone else gets up for breakfast.

7. Be Your Own Boss

Are you trying to fit earning some extra cash around an already busy work schedule or a day filled with parenting tasks? If the answer to this question is a resounding yes, then online surveys might just work for you.

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This is a job that offers the ultimate flexibility. Anytime you get a spare minute, just jump online and start clicking. You can even do most of the surveys from your phone.

There are no deadlines or dreaded KPIs to meet (outside of completing the survey you’ve started). In fact, you decide just how many surveys you want to do in a day, week, or month. You can spend more time with your family or doing the things you love and less time thinking about work.

Taking Paid Surveys Online Pays

When it comes to paid surveys online, not every provider is made equal.

Many have minimum payout requirements, meaning you have to do a certain number of surveys before getting the cash or vouchers. Others might not even be legitimate sites. So you don’t waste your time, it’s crucial to do your research and ask around friends and family to find reputable survey companies.

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