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How to Grow Your Field Service Business

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Gas prices are rising yet again. It’s time for your field service business to step up its efficiency game or risk being left behind in an expensive race.

Repeatedly visiting a customer to fix mistakes is pricey, tedious, and dispiriting. You can easily avoid this by automating some of your daily tasks. Finding ways to improve customer satisfaction is another way to cut costs and raise your bottom line.

Your business will skyrocket because of the exceptional service you give. And with a loyal customer base on your side, you’ll be swimming in cash while your competitors tread water.

Keep reading to take your field service business from beginner to specialist in just a few simple steps!

Focus on the Customer

If you’re clueless about your customers’ needs, your field service operations will be a total failure. To please your clients, you’ll need to get inside their heads and figure out the real reason they contacted you. That means understanding their business, culture, and all their pesky pain points.

Are they interested in your product or service for the sole purpose of improving productivity? What about reducing costs? Dig deeper until you find out.

Ask your customers to complete a survey during each visit so you can uncover their most sought-after wishes.

Invest in Field Service Management Software

If you want to supercharge your growth potential, look no further than field service management software. It will provide you with a nifty method of gathering intel and keeping communication channels open.

You’ll also have a system to expose which business processes need revamping.

Use Mobile Apps

Say goodbye to clunky paperwork and hello to a streamlined field service experience! Cellphone apps allow you to tackle everything from customer engagement to inventory management with ease.

With mobile apps, you’ll be just a swipe and a tap away from your customers. It’s like having a 24/7 hotline for your business. Making yourself accessible will make people feel more comfortable asking for your help.

Your technician’s clientele can check their accounts anytime, anywhere. No need to twiddle thumbs while waiting for HQ to open. They can even reschedule appointments from the comfort of their couch.

Plus, all their intel will be kept safe and sound under one digital roof.

Maintain an Engaged Workforce

If your employees aren’t happy, don’t expect them to produce award-winning work. They may even turn to another service business with a more uplifting environment. Here’s the secret to preventing workplace dissatisfaction.

Keep your employees engaged with the help of some nifty measurement tools like ContactMonkey and Hubstaff. From peer-to-peer feedback to annual check-ins, there are countless avenues for employees to voice their feelings on company culture and leadership. Use their input to make improvements.

Also, start a rewards program. Base it on proper measures of success, like customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

For those superstars who knock it out of the park, throw in some sweet bonuses. Think paid time off, exotic travel, and maybe even a free spa day.

Create a Solid Reporting System

Your business needs a reporting system that’s easy to understand, accessible to all employees, and up-to-date with the latest information. This way, you don’t have to rely on guesswork when evaluating your performance.

Did anyone love your work enough to recommend you to their besties or come back for seconds? What if you could get a live update on the number of hours each technician puts in on every job? Armed with this valuable data, you can confidently make decisions on things like customer service practices, deadlines, and quotas.

Educate Your Managers

Supervisors need the competence to make choices that work in the company’s favor. If you want your service managers to master the art of growing, let them learn from the pros.

Sign them up for workshops where they can interact with other successful companies and learn all the tricks of the trade.

Help Service Technicians Stay Current

Empower your field service techs with the expertise to handle all your software operations. They should know the ins and outs of any program you use to handle relationships with customers, track projects, and manage inventory.

Employees who are unfamiliar with a program should always be trained so they don’t look unprepared or incompetent when dealing with customers.

Your employees also need to be up to speed with the latest integrations. Teach them the splendors of third-party tools like Salesforce and Google Docs.

Upgrade Your Tools

Your field service business is like a snowflake: unique and one-of-a-kind. It deserves a personalized approach that caters to your company’s needs.

Your tools are an extension of your awesomeness and should be chosen wisely. Using the wrong instruments can take a toll on your precious time and wallet.

Don’t settle for subpar drills and shovels when there are new appliances that can make your services more efficient.

Design the Best Field Service Business

The key to scaling your field service business is to start by improving one area at a time. Upgrading your software is a great place to start. New programs will help you manage your clients and get more work done in less time.

It’s a win-win situation. Your clients will appreciate the streamlined process, and you’ll be able to focus on providing great service.

If you want to grow your business at a faster rate than simply tweaking one or two processes, you’ll need some outside help. Read our business articles for more advice on expanding.

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