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Worried About Plumbing Overflow In Your Home in Austin? Read This

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One of the most damaging things in homes and businesses today is plumbing overflow and the flooding it can cause. Here at The Steam Team, we want to help you fully understand the dangers of plumbing overflow, what steps you should take, and how we can help.

Damage From Plumbing Overflow

Whether you have tile, carpet, or wood floors, you probably already know that water will damage your floors. But water can also damage the subfloor underneath your flooring if it isn’t cleaned up soon enough. With spills this is easy to do, but in the case of plumbing overflow you won’t be able to prevent the water damage, and the floor and subfloor may need to be removed. In cases where the plumbing overflow occurred on a second or third story, the water may leak through the floor and drip from the ceiling of the lower floor, causing further damage to whatever surface it lands on.

Having your home damaged is awful enough, but unchecked plumbing overflow can also cause serious health risks. If the floors are wet, keep that in mind and take all precautions so that you can try not to slip if you must walk on the wet floor. Also, be sure to stay away from any electrical outlets that may have gotten wet, as they might electrocute you.

Dangers of Mold

Unchecked plumbing overflow can also cause mold to grow in certain places. It can happen anywhere dark with just a little bit of moisture, and it can quickly become a health hazard for anyone in the home.

When it comes to mold growth, but also floor damage and the other jobs required when you have plumbing overflow in your home, The Steam Team can help you! Our professional technicians are trained to use high-powered technology and expert methods to fix all of your plumbing overflow problems. For more information on how we can help, please visit The Steam Team website.

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