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Photographer Near Me: Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring One

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Will your photographer own your photos?

The law states that images belong to the person who took them. That means even if you pay a photographer, you don’t automatically have ownership of your pictures. Without ownership, you won’t be able to print at your leisure or post the photos online.

To work around copyright laws, you’ll need to find a photographer who will let you use the photos any way you want. Then you’ll need a contract to help back up their promise.

What other questions should you be asking before hiring a photographer near me? Read on to find out.

What’s Your Experience?

When you’re searching for a photographer near me, find out what their experience looks like. If they have a lot of experience, find out what they specialize in.

For instance, are you hiring a photographer for wedding photos? Then the photographer should be well versed in all things wedding photos. From poses to candid shots, they should know how to do it all.

Asking about experience alone won’t be enough, though. You’ll also need to get a bit more specific. Find out what type of photography they’ve been doing, for how long, and in what area.

If they’ve been based out of the same area for a long time, it’s a good sign. When a photographer can stay in one area, it’s a sign that they’re able to build up a great customer base. The larger the photographer’s customer base, the more likely it is they’ll deliver quality work.

Finally, after taking notes on everything the photographer says about their experience, do a little bit of research to see if it’s true. Check out their online presence, and look at the type of photos they’re posting.

Also, take a moment to see what their clients say about them with online reviews. When the photos look great and the reviews are excellent, you’ll know you have a good photographer.

How Does the Payment Structure Work?

Paying for a photographer isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Sometimes there are hidden fees or special discount opportunities.

For instance, if you’re looking for a beach photographer in Gulf Shores, they might have a special discount rate for oceanfront photos. Whereas, other photographers will work with a flat fee rate that isn’t based on location.

There are also photographers who offer unique payment structures that will be based on what you wind up needing at the photoshoot vs. what you think you need.

For instance, you might think that you only need a half-hour of the photographer’s time. However, after arriving at the site for photos, you may discover that a half-hour just won’t do it.

If you need to extend the photographer’s time, will there be any type of penalty charge? Do they offer flexible hourly rates? These are the types of questions you should be asking about the pricing structure.

The best photographers will be able to email you some type of quoting package, so you can see the breakdown of each cost. Remember to ask about any potential hidden fees or unexpected costs so you’re not surprised when the bill comes.

What Insurance Do You Carry?

A quality commercial photographer is going to carry insurance. They should carry some type of limited liability insurance in the event that anything should go wrong.

Along with limited liability coverage, find out if the photographer has insurance to cover their gear. If anything happens during the session, you don’t want to wind up being held responsible. If they have insurance, you can ask to see proof of coverage.

Another reason to ask if the photographer carries insurance has to do with their credibility. A well-established photographer will understand the importance of carrying an active insurance policy. A new photographer just starting out in the field might not even understand why they would need insurance in the first place.

Will You Help With Posing?

There are all sorts of cute poses that can really help bring your pictures to life. However, that doesn’t mean your photographer knows how to create them.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they hire a photographer is assuming that they’ll help with posing. The truth is, not all photographers are good at posing people. Instead, some photographers are simply there to shoot and capture the moment.

If you want a photographer who knows how to create poses that evoke feelings, you’ll need to find one with posing experience. One of the first ways you can establish if a photographer helps with poses is by reviewing their online portfolio. You can also look at their socials to see what type of photos they’re posting.

If all of the photos are candid and natural, it’s not likely that they work with poses. If you see a lot of family portraits or pregnancy posed photos, you’ll know you’re dealing with someone who can create the right look.

After doing a little bit of online research, ask the photographer what their posing experience is. We find that the best photographer will specialize in one type of posing.

However, the photographer has a lot of years in the field, they could be well established with a variety of poses. Find out what type of poses they enjoy doing the most. Then explain what type of poses you’re hoping to get out of the session to see if they can accommodate you.

Finding a Photographer Near Me

Now you know the top questions to ask when looking for a photographer near me. There’s a lot of consideration that goes into finding the right person.

So you don’t forget any of the questions, make a list right now of everything you want to ask. Then pick up your phone and start calling potential photographers today.

Ask them all of your questions, and don’t be afraid to hold out for the right person. For more ways to find what you’re looking for, just read another one of our blog posts.

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