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When Is Wimbledon? What You Need to Know to Get Your Tickets

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Wimbledon. It is one of the most desirable venues to watch tennis matches and one of the most competitive tournaments in professional tennis, with it being one of the sport’s four major tournaments annually.

Recently, the venue sold five-year passes that did not come cheap, with some paying as much as £105,000 for the privilege.

Those that have this on their sports bucket list who do not have six figures lying around may wonder if it is possible to attend one of the toughest tickets around for a professional sporting event?

Beginners may ask when is Wimbledon? How many matches are available for purchase?

This is your guide.

When Is Wimbledon?

In 2022, the tournament is scheduled to take place from June 27 to July 10. That gives you about 14 days to work with, but there is generally at least one rest day in the middle of the tournament with the Middle Sunday.

However, the 2022 tournament is planning to change this, introducing play on that day instead of the normal rest. It is planned to have the fourth round for the men’s and women’s singles tournaments spread over two days to reflect this.

What Groups Play?

The men’s singles and the women’s singles tend to dominate the media coverage for this tournament, but they are not the only groups that actually play on these courts during the tournament. There are actually about 13 other tournaments going on that are spread over the large number of courts that Wimbledon has.

There are 13 other tournaments besides the men’s and women’s singles taking place over the various courts during this time period.

There is also a qualifying tournament for 4-5 days in the singles tournaments for both the gentlemen and the ladies. In these, several tennis players compete to try and earn the last spots in the main draw. For both tournaments, about 16 qualifying spots typically get awarded.

However, most of the groups that are mentioned above do not start playing until about the second week of the tournament. Typically, only the singles tournaments start on Day 1.

How Many Courts?

For Wimbledon, there are 18 different courts that see action at any given time. Some of the lower courts typically hold either the less popular matches or the less popular groups to see play once the singles start getting narrowed down.

The singles tournaments for both men and women are the main events there, so they typically get their matches scheduled on the biggest courts, especially the top seeds.

Wimbledon has two main courts for their biggest matches. The No. 1 Court is the second largest court there, and it has the secondary big matches. On the gentlemen’s singles side, this court served its use at the end of the quarterfinals, hosting the two less anticipated matches in there.

The Centre Court is the main attraction, and it is where you want to end up if you are following one of the bigger groups. Typically, all of the big finals take place on this court.

Last year, some of the biggest finals on the Centre Court included both singles championships and all of the doubles championships. Other courts like Court No. 3 and Court No. 18 host the finals of some of the smaller groups, like the boys’ and girls’ finals plus the other wheelchair finals.

Can You Buy Tickets Now?

The answer is yes! We not only have tickets available for every day of the tournament in the Centre Court and the No. 1 Court, but there are also packages available with these tickets. You also get full access to Debenture Holder restaurants, transfer service from London to Wimbledon and back, plus access to other matches on outside courts, with the exception of the No. 1 Court, if you choose to go Centre.

What Packages Are Available?

The Wimbledon is a long tournament at 14 days, so a lot of you may not be interested in attending the tournament every day or simply cannot afford to bear that entire expense. No worries, there are packages available that revolve around the days and rounds of the tournament that you wish to make a priority. Here are some of the packages available:

  • Champions Package
  • First Week Package
  • Middle Weekend Package
  • Quarter Finals Package
  • Ladies Semi Finals Package
  • Men’s Semi Finals Package
  • Ladies Final Package
  • Men’s Final Package

As you can see, there are plenty of flexible options for everyone looking to go to some round of the tournament. There are four rounds in the singles tournaments before you even get to the quarter finals, and that does not even factor in the qualifying games, so there is certainly a lot of tennis to choose from.

The Champions Package guarantees that you will see the first round game of the defending Wimbledon champion, plus you get a dinner cruise included with that package. The other packages in the early rounds guarantee you at least a day of action on the tennis courts, and you would get to choose which day you prefer of the two available in those.

Of course, the prices vary depending on what round you wish to go to. It can be as low as £2,595 for the Champions Package and as high as £5,900 for the Men’s Final Package.

Book Your Wimbledon Tickets

Now that you know when is Wimbledon and when each round takes place, you are ready to start booking your ticket package. Are you ready to see some of the best tennis matches in the world?

Choose from our packages today to start planning lifelong memories!

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