Imagine you’re sitting in your house on a scorching summer day. Suddenly your attic overheats and erupts into flames! Your house bursts into an inferno! Soon you’re left with nothing but smoldering ruins!

Ok, so that’s a little extreme. But maybe your attic gets too hot over the summer, and you can’t seem to find a way to cool it down.

What can you do?

There’s an easy solution to this problem: solar-powered ventilation fans. Read on to learn about the many benefits of installing these solar-powered fans in your house!

Energy Savers

The first benefit of these fans is the fact that they use solar power to operate, which is both a clean and renewable source of energy.

Plus, clearing heat out of your attic also cools down the rest of your house. How? Well, now the hot air can’t leave the attic and raise the temperature of the rest of the upper floor of your house.

This even causes a chain reaction of sorts. Since you lower the amount of heat on your upper floor, your current HVAC unit doesn’t have to expend as much energy trying to keep your entire house cool on its own.

Save the environment and save some money on your energy bill. What’s not to love?

Safety First

A fact you might not have known: attic fans have a risk of accidentally stealing conditioned air from elsewhere in your house.

They also can end up grabbing harmful gases (like carbon monoxide) from appliances like your stove and dryer and keeping them trapped in your house.

Solar-powered fans have no such problem. Since they typically pull in less air than their non-solar counterparts, the chance of them either stealing conditioned air or locking gases in your house disappears.

Proper ventilation for your roof can even help prevent it from damage caused by excess heat or cold.

Tax Benefits

Did you know you can actually get tax benefits for having a solar-powered attic fan? It’s true! You can actually qualify for up to a 30% return on both the cost of the physical fan and the installation cost.

As of right now, the limit on said return is $1500 dollars, which might seem small. However, considering the cost of a solar-powered fan is generally projected to be around $600, with an additional $150 or so for installation, you should be pretty well covered.

If you want more exact numbers, Sunrise Solar has a pricing service for solar attic fans where they can project the price of the fan you want based on your roof type and the size of the fan.

Ready for Some Solar-Powered Ventilation Fans?

Now that you’ve heard about the many benefits of having solar-powered ventilation fans in your home, you’re probably ready to decide if these fans are right for you.

We wish you the best of luck in your future fan-related endeavors, and remember: no one likes a stuffy attic.

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