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5 Amazing Gay Wedding Ideas to Celebrate the Happiest Time of Your Life

According to the Census Bureau, there are well over 500,000 American gay couples who are currently enjoying the married life!

If you and your partner are getting ready to tie the knot, you’re going to want to put together a ceremony and reception that really wow your friends and family members.

How can you make sure that your celebration of love stands out and leaves you and your guests with amazing memories?

Read on for 5 amazing gay wedding ideas that you and your partner will absolutely adore!

1. Get a Gay-Friendly Cake Topper

The traditional cake topper depicts a bride and groom standing hand in hand. That won’t quite do, will it?

Instead, look for cake toppers that really represent you and your partner. You can find all sorts of adorable gay-friendly cake toppers online. Some bakeries are starting to embrace their pride, as well, offering cakes and toppers that represent the LGBTQ+ community. 

2. Make It Sparkle

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle and pizzazz? If you want your wedding to glitter like the red carpet, you can make that happen–even on a budget.

Thinking of going DIY on the decor? Start by collecting bottles and candle holders in fun and interesting shapes. Then, use any craft glue and glitter bomb every last piece! 

3. Show Your Pride

Do you and your partner want to show your pride to the world? Incorporating a rainbow flag into a set color scheme isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but there are tons of creative ways that you can make it work.

Whether you want to go big and bold or keep things on the subtle side, this article will give you tons of tips for showing your pride on your wedding day. 

4. Embrace Your Playful Side

Looking for ways to liven things up? Of course, having a great DJ or live band will add some fun and funk to your reception. What about some other playful additions?

Don’t be afraid to add some games and other activities to your reception venue. Some fun ones include silly photo booths, bouncy castles, and even ball pits!

5. Remind the World That Love Is Love

It’s no secret that the right to marriage for same-sex couples didn’t come without a fight. Remind the world that your love is stronger than any bigotry!

Make a banner for guests to take photos in front of that reads, “Love is Love.” Ask guests to fill out the guestbook by finishing the phrase, “Love is,” so that you can look at those sweet messages for years to come.

Which Gay Wedding Ideas Will You Use?

Are you and your partner getting ready to tie the knot? Share our post and let your friends and family know which gay wedding ideas you plan on using on your big day!

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