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When and How to Hire a DUI Lawyer

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Everyone makes mistakes, but when a mistake causes you to actually break the law, you may be subject to charges. DUI cases are becoming more and more common and if you have had a DUI charge you need to hire an attorney. DUI Lawyers are essential to getting a fair and well managed trial and if you think you will just go it alone in this instance, it is safe to say that is an unwise decision. When faced with a DUI charge, here is when and how to hire a DUI Lawyer.

Is it Your First DUI Offense?

Many people do not realize that courts still give substantial leniency on first offense DUI charges. Although some states have become more strict in their leniency standards, there are still some courts that will give first time offenders the benefit of the doubt. However, if you believe you will simply stroll into a court without representation and plead first time offender and ask for leniency, you will be sorely mistaken.
The courts look at an unrepresented DUI case as a quick case and are unlikely to evoke any type of leniency in your favor. Even simply relying on a court appointed attorney will likely not produce quality results as they work for the court system and have countless cases to get through. Your best defense, if you are a first time offender is to hire the best lawyer possible to represent you. They understand that a defendant that meets certain criteria is an excellent candidate for a first time offender DUI ruling.

Have You Had Multiple DUI’s?

Multiple DUIs are something to be concerned with. More and more states are becoming highly restrictive on their leniency toward DUIs as cases in which a vehicle accident and the loss of life have become a major issue. Even if you have yet to cause a tragic accident due to DUI, the potential is there and that is what courts look at as they do not want to allow a habitual offender to get the chance to cause a tragic accident.
With a DUI lawyer on hand, you will have a better chance of a positive outcome in your favor. You can often avoid the potentially long prison sentences that tend to follow multiple DUIs. Courts look favorably on individuals looking to change their criminal activities and with so many rehabilitation facilities and support groups for alcohol and drugs, a DUI lawyer can be instrumental in convincing the court to allow you to be rehabilitated and counseled rather than sent off to prison. It is not an option in all cases, but you have a far better chance of a positive outcome if you hire a DUI Lawyer.

Do You Have Multiple DUI Charges?

Often, a DUI charge is compounded with other charges such as reckless endangerment, property damage, or any number of other additional charges. When multiple charges come into play you have the potential to have your sentencing run consecutive in which every charge will carry its own length of sentence. This can greatly confound your ability to go on about your life and leave you incarcerated for a considerably long time.
With proper representation, however, from a qualified DUI lawyer, you can request to have your charges run concurrently. With concurrent sentencing, the charges are lumped together and sentencing performed at the same time. That means you will only serve time for the one crime while getting credit for time served for the others. A DUI lawyer can be a significant help in this instance as the average person does not always realize this type of sentencing is available and a court appointed attorney may not devote the time and effort into getting you a concurrent sentence.

How To Hire a DUI Lawyer

The average person charged with a DUI may not have adequate experience in hiring a lawyer for this type of case. DUI cases can be remarkably tricky to effectively manage as there are many factors that go into a case. When hiring a DUI lawyer, your first instinct might be to simply look at pricing, but that should never be your motivation. Your freedom is not something you should just place a dollar amount on. Instead take the time to study various lawyers to determine which one is right for your individual case.
Lawyers vary greatly on their experience levels and what genre of law they specialize in. Hiring specifically a DUI lawyer will ensure you do not end up being represented by someone who has experience in other forms of law but limited in DUI experience. Read reviews of DUI lawyers and seek the advice of others who have been in similar circumstances. A DUI is not the end of the world and with a quality lawyer at your back, you can go into the courtroom with a high quality, well established case for your innocence or a drastic reduction to the final sentencing.

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