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Why having a primary healthcare doctor is important

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It’s not an emergency, but you need to see a doctor. Where do you go? For most people the decision comes down to three factors: quality of care, cost and convenience.


Primary care is the first point of contact with health services and provides a point of entry for the entire health system. Research has shown that access to primary health services is linked to better health outcomes, including improvements in self-rated health and a reduction in all-cause mortality.

According to New Jersey Primary Care doctors, there are multiple advantages to seeking medical attention at an urgent care center, especially when you need non-emergency care. There may also be a cost benefit; but remember, not having a primary care physician means giving up important long-term benefits. For example, when you get sick, it’s easier if you have a doctor you know and can trust. Much of what occurs in medicine is just you and the doctor coming to an agreement about the risks and benefits of a particular treatment.

Whether it’s an internist, family doctor or a pediatrician, a primary care physician treats you according to your medical condition and family medical history. A primary care doctor also provides preventive care and monitors any existing conditions that can spare a patient potential complications or costly emergency care later on. This results in good health at lower costs.

Trying to get an appointment to see your doctor isn’t always easy. Many practices are now adding nurse practitioners and physician assistants to their staffs in order to better accommodate patient scheduling and provide easier access for more routine services. This is an example of the current transition from individual doctors to team-based care.

According to the primary care doctors in North Bergen, New Jersey the ideal situation is to select a medical group where there’s a broad range of providers along with your regular primary care doctor. When choosing a primary care doctor for yourself and your family, there are some important points to consider, notes Garden State Medical Group:

  • Consult friends, relatives or the co-workers. Word of mouth is a great way to find a reputable doctor with whom you’ll feel more comfortable from the start.
  • Check with the insurance provider to find physicians who accept the plan.
  • Determine how easy it is to get in touch with or make an appointment.
  • Ask if the doctor has physician assistants. This makes it easier to schedule the non-urgent appointments.

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