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Tips and Tricks for Surviving in Avorion’s Space Exploration

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Ever wished you could play a space simulator, but with blocky graphics like Minecraft? Then your lucky day is here, and that game is Avorion.

Avorion, like most sandbox space sims, has a surprising amount of depth. You have an entire galaxy at your disposal with limitless activities to do in between. But rush into the next scuffle with pirates, and you risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard to get.

If you plan on getting the Avorion download, then there are some beginner tips and tricks that you should keep in mind to stay alive. Keep reading for our complete guide on survival in Avorion.

Avorion Ship Building Guide

Your ship is the only barrier between you and the cold grasp of space. But unlike in other games, Avorion ship blueprints are a lot more flexible. Since you build your ships in blocks, you can design your own to your heart’s content.

This gives you more freedom than you might find in other sandbox sims like Eve Online or X-3. But this freedom comes at a cost.

For starters, the laws of physics still apply. A bulky ship with a lot of mass will take a longer time to accelerate. A smaller ship will conversely be more agile.

If you build yourself an armored battleship, you will be more resilient against invading pirates. But you will make sluggish turns and struggle to extricate yourself from a fight, even though you can take more hits.

Whereas if you had a lighter craft, you could zip around the enemy at high speeds. But all it would take is a couple of hits before you go down.

While space has no air resistance, ungainly ship shapes will make it more difficult to navigate. This will be a process of trial and error as you die repeatedly in ship combat. But give yourself time to get a feel for effective Avorion ship design.

Learn to Position Vital Components

Since you build your ships out of “Boxels” (a play on Minecraft’s “Voxels”), all of your ship components come in single blocks. For example, you might have a block for a shield generator, or for living quarters.

During ship battles, enemies will target these vulnerable sections. If you lose your engines, you’ll be dead in the water. But if you lose your living quarters, then you won’t be in such great shape either.

Develop a strategy for positioning all of your vital elements to avoid complete destruction.

Get R-Mining Turrets

This will be a game changer, but it is quite expensive for a new player. The developers themselves suggest that you ask another player to give you one. But if you can’t find one yourself, then you will need to purchase it through trading or craft it.

Automate Mining

As soon as you have a good ship, you need to hire a captain. Build additional ships with mining turrets, then assign captains to them. These captains will run your mining operations so you can focus on things that are more important.

Make sure that you stay in safe, civilized areas. If you mine in less policed sectors, that’s an easy way to get killed in the early game.

Prepare Your Ship for Speed and Deep Scanning

The eventual goal is for you to head to the core area, or Xanion. This is where all the best loot is as well as most of the fighting.

It will be a perilous journey to reach it. You will need to pass through uncivilized sectors where pirates and prosecutors lie in wait to strike you down.

Having jump technology will allow you to improve your jump range, therefore bypassing enemies. Giving your ship fast engines will allow you to outrun any attackers. And if you have the right deep scan technology, you can suss out those hidden sectors in advance.

Start off Small

With a massive, procedural galaxy at your fingertips, it’s tempting to rush into the galaxy center and take on the best of Avorion. Instead, start small. One of the first things on your list is learning about Avorion’s seven materials so you can begin mining.

Begin with simple mining operations. Build your credibility by helping friendly factions. Take the time to answer distress calls from ships under attack.

Check out the bulletin boards for new missions. You can often find the best loot this way, particularly new systems to improve your ship.

As you build your strength and gain familiarity with the game, you’ll be better equipped to take on the biggest missions. You’ll be ready for PvP battles and random ambushes by pirates. And if you’re patient, you will soon be traveling deep into the galaxy where few have traveled.

Since Avorion is a procedurally generated galaxy, you simply do not have enough time in your life to see its entirety. So take a break, rest your eyes, and take things slow.

Make Friends, or Be a Cutthroat?

Avorion has online capacity, allowing not just for PvP, but also for co-op experiences. You can explore the stars with your friends, mine asteroid belts, and so much more.

Or, you can be the opposite: a cutthroat pirate with loyalty to none.

Being a Cutthroat

Some players love the thrill of attacking on sight and pillaging left and right. You can gain incredible spoils if you are skilled at ambushing unsuspecting cargo ships. You have ultimate autonomy, choosing whatever you want to do without the stricture of laws and alliances.

However, this sort of lifestyle comes with its own cost.

If you have this vicious play style, your reputation will begin to precede you. Otherwise friendly interactions might turn into a standoff. There will be no relaxation for you because you always have to be on your guard.

NPCs may begin to auto-attack you. If you destroy the wrong ships, then the allies of that player may come after you. Wanted bounties may appear for your head.

So, you have to be ready to always be on the run, and always be fighting for your life. People may feel that you are not a good sport, which may spoil your social experience in the game.

In other words, be prepared for the consequences of this sort of play style.

Being Part of an Alliance

If the above doesn’t appeal to you, then you can always take part in the safety of alliances. There are plenty of in-game societies that work together for the greater good.

Being part of an alliance is great because you always have somebody at your back. You can call upon the help of your allies if you need them. If you need to enter dangerous sectors or get revenge on an attacking pirate, your alliance will be at your side.

However, there are some caveats with this lifestyle just as with the pirate lifestyle. For starters, you are heavily limited in your autonomy. Sure, you can do whatever you want, but you always have to answer to your alliance.

For example, you may need to contribute resources from mining or looting. You may need to divvy up the loot that you find after a player battle.

Your decisions are tied to those around you. Unless you are in a position of leadership, you may often have to follow along to the drum of your betters. Decisions will have to be made in council among the group rather than on your own.

It’s a safer lifestyle to be sure, but know what you will be sacrificing if you choose it.

The Benefits of Being Friendly

Like in most space sims, you build a reputation with the locals. As mentioned above, a bad reputation means they will attack you on sight. But in addition to this, a bad reputation robs you of trading opportunities and access to mining areas.

Locals that you befriend will give you access to additional missions and financial opportunities. And they may provide assistance when you are under attack.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t see any action while in the civilized sectors. Pirates do still occasionally roam in these areas. If you shoot them down, this will enamor you with the locals.

There’s plenty more that you can do to build strong relationships. You can free slaves, obtain faction maps, and begin to build factories.

Have Fun in Avorion

Avorion is one of the latest and greatest procedurally-generated space symptoms on the market. It offers an extensive world of ship combat and exploration. As you begin your journey into the Avorion universe, keep the above tips in mind to survive and thrive.

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