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What To Look For When Buying A Home Security Camera System

If we asked you how likely it is that a criminal can burglarize and wreak havoc to your home, how would you answer?

A. One in a billion chances

B. One in a million chances

Whether you answer A or B, then we’re sorry to inform you, but the likelihood is much higher than that. After all, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that for every 100,000 people, 2,450.7 property crimes took place in 2016.

It’s for this reason you should install a home security system ASAP. You need to know what to look for when buying a home security camera system.

But what exactly does buying security camera equipment entail?

Don’t worry. We’ll show you the ropes on this one.

Keep reading to learn how having such a security system within your property can help you deter criminals and fill you in on the features that make one the best for your home.

Why Invest in a Security Camera System in the First Place?

Granted, studies show that nationwide property crime rates have dropped around 48% to 66% between 1993 and 2016. But this decrease doesn’t mean you should already drop buying a home security system altogether.

To put things in perspective, here are a few stats telling you how home security technology – including security cameras – can help protect your family and property:

  • Homes without any form of security device have a 300% more likelihood of falling victim to crimes
  • 83% of surveyed burglars reported they would first establish the presence of a home security alarm
  • Half of the above-mentioned criminals said they would move on to a new target if they saw a security device

As you can see, the appearance alone of a security camera can already reduce your chances of becoming a property crime victim. That’s more than enough reason you should buy security cameras and place them in strategic areas of your property.

Furthermore, you can put a stop to their illegal activities since you can catch them in the act. You can help the police put a face to them, so they can go behind bars and not victimize anyone else.

Even the British authorities say closed-circuit television (CCTV) devices helped them solve crimes.

All these said, you should no longer delay shopping for a home security camera system. Below you’ll find the most important features to look for in one.

What to Look for When Buying a Home Security Camera System: The Essentials

First things first: Establish what exactly you want from your security camera system.

Of course, it goes without saying that you want them to help make your home more secure. That means the power to provide you with clear, high-quality feedback for criminal identification.

You should also go for a system with an alert feature. This way, you’ll receive immediate notification that you have unwanted guests. The system will alert you the moment criminals decide to break into your home.

Unless you live in a mansion or a property with acres of land, a few cellular security cameras in strategic locations can still give you peace of mind. You’ll find many top-notch stand-alone security cameras Wi-Fi ready. This means you can connect your mobile devices, even your smartphone, and stream the feedback live.

Durability is another critical consideration, especially for cameras you’ll set up outside. You’ll expose them to harsher weather conditions, so you want to ensure they can withstand these environmental factors. The last thing you want is for them to experience some kind of meltdown, whether literally or figuratively.

Image and Video Quality

We’ve mentioned above that you’d want clear feedback from your security cameras. However, image and video quality are so important they deserve a separate section in this post.

The higher the resolution of the camera lens, the more crystal-clear the captured image and videos. You want to invest in such cameras, because they can better record almost every detail of a burglary in action. That includes the criminal’s face, built, body type, and even any distinguishing marks (think tattoos or moles).

Many of the best security cameras in the market today deliver HD recording boasting 60 frames per second (FPS). Majority comes with a 1280×720-pixel resolution. This is clear enough, but if you want even better feedback, then opt for cameras with 1920×1080-pixel resolution.

Enough Space, Please

How much is enough space when it comes to security camera storage?

The answer depends on the set-up you aim for and invest in, as well as the actual footage you want it to cover. The larger the coverage, the more gigabytes – even up to hundreds – you’d need.

Yes, you want your home security cameras to keep recording so that if anything happens, you can capture the incident. The thing is, this means more expenses on your part to save and store the footage.

As such, you should also consider going for cameras with additional SD card features. Many of today’s high-quality camera systems record videos only when they pick up movements or noises that otherwise shouldn’t occur.

Since these devices run on motion- or sound-sensors, then you can save a lot of storage and money on them.

Monitoring the Inside of Your Home

You can use security cameras for more than watching what’s happening outside your home’s doors. They can also serve as a useful tool for your home’s fire-prevention and risk-assessment program.

For instance, kitchen cameras allow you to check up on your stove and other gas-, fuel-, and electricity-powered appliances.

Say you’re making dinner that needs more time, but you also need to take a shower. With the live-stream feedback, you can ensure that no fire starts in the kitchen. Or in case it does, have the ability to respond right away.

You’ll also find these indoor cameras helpful in monitoring service providers.

For example, you’ve decided it’s time to transform your home remodeling ideas into reality. In this case, you’d most likely hire contractors. Even if they’ve established their trustworthiness, it still pays to monitor what exactly they’re doing while inside your home.

Protect Your Loved Ones and Property Now

Now that you know what to look for when buying a home security camera system, the next step is to start shopping as soon as you can. Remember, the United States sees one burglary happen every eighteen seconds.

So, the sooner you get these security devices, the sooner you can bring your risks down.

Don’t forget to check out our safety blog section too! You’ll find more tips and tricks like this that will help make your home and office a safer place.

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