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What Is Source Connect and Why Do Voice Actors Need It

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The virtual world has experienced an upward trend in connectivity.

Even location-based activities have also been successfully integrated into augmented reality and virtuality.

Voice-over artists are not left out in this trend as several innovations fill in the gap of connectivity.

Source Connect is a technology that is created to aid connectivity for voice-over artists.

Created by  Source-Elements, it runs in two versions; Source-Connect Standard (paid version) and Source-Connect Now (free).

Source connects allows voice artists to meet the growing demand of client needs in that industry.

It also helps in the production of masterly results for voice acting and auditioning.

Source connect achieves this by allowing high-quality audio transmission from one location to another.

Compared to its predecessor ISDN, Source Connect offers a cheaper, more receptive, and efficient option for both the studio and talent alike.

It removes the lag and delay that exists in signals between different points of communication.

What’s the Difference Between Source Connect Standard and Pro?

Source Connect is available for both Mac and Windows.

They also offer a plugin that allows Voice Over artists to connect directly to PRO software and tools for seamless production and editing.

  • The main differences between Smart Connect Standard and Pro are in pricing, bit rate, and Auto Restore/Replace capabilities.
  • There is a huge margin between both versions in all cases; The Pro version is approximately $850 more than the Standard version.
  • The Pro version offers a mono bitrate that can reach up to 160kbps and 96kbps for the Standard version. Source Element also boasts of a compression algorithm (AAC) that trumps the 128kbps used by its major competitor, ISDN. This means that quality can remain uncompromised even if the Standard version offers a bitrate 32kpbs lower than that of ISDN.
  • The Pro version also has the ability to fix corrupt audio using the Auto Restore Feature. This is a safety net for ‘drop-outs’ that can occur during recording sessions.
  • Even after a session, the Pro feature is capable of replacing AAC encoded audio with AIFF. However, this feature is lacking in the Standard Version. For Voice Over artists, this is a not so important feature since they are mostly sending audio instead of recording.

What Tools Are Needed to Connect to Source Connect?

Source Element offers one-on-one tech support on the steps you need to set up. To get your Source Connect up and running you need the following;

  1. A serene environment void of interruption from pets, noise, family members, or other devices.
  2. Make sure that your studio environment from recording is acoustically dead and without reverbs or boxy sounds.
  3. Professional mics are a must, preferably those that can connect with an interface on your computer.
  4. Your computer hardware should also make no noise of its own. It is better to turn off fans intermittently.
  5. Use CAT5 or Rj 45 internet wire to ensure high-speed internet.

If you are going to be using SC, the need for technical support, especially on first use, is inevitable.

Keep this in mind because their support staff is always booked up.

How Does Skype Compare to Using Source Connect for Voice Overs?

Quality is not with Skype and Studio connections. The likelihood of missing some of the transmitted audio is high.

When sessions are conducted over the phone, there is a high chance you get to do a lot of revisions.

This is a result of poor sound quality and the limitation on real-time audio and video mixing.

What Kind of Client Likes Source-Connect?

It is very important for Voice Over artists to ascertain if clients will use SC for their sessions.

Union Clients are always doing SC sessions with artists who use both the Pro and Standard version.

You may also find some non-union clients who use Source Connect.

But it is more productive to confirm first before investing in tech. Contact us today and let us know your present situation.

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