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The Pros and Cons of Having Tinted Windows in Your Home

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Tinted windows block up to 99% of UV rays. But is window tinting the best option for you?

Many homeowners are much happier with tinted windows. However, it’s also important to completely understand what tinting your windows entails.

That way, you can adequately assess whether window tinting is suitable for you right now. If needed, you’ll also know enough to prepare your windows for tinting.

Keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll cover the pros and cons of tinted windows.


After you tint your windows, you’ll experience a plethora of benefits. These include those advantageous to your health, comfort, and even your finances.

UV Protection

UV protection is the chief reason why people tint their windows. As said before, tinted windows block up to 99% of UV rays. On the other hand, untinted glass will only absorb about 5% of the sunlight’s illumination.

Without this protection, these rays can quicken your skin’s aging process and damage items, furniture, and more. In more severe cases, UV overexposure can even cause melanoma.

Although you may feel well-protected in your home, you’re not safe from UV overexposure with untinted windows. At least, not without avoiding being in direct sunlight and potentially drawing the curtains.

Cooler Interior

Through the greenhouse effect, untinted windows trap the sunlight’s heat. This can cause your home’s temperature to spike. As a result, living in your humble abode can be very uncomfortable.

But window tint has filters that prevent this phenomenon from occurring. With tinted windows, not as much of the sunlight’s heat can penetrate the glass. Your home won’t heat up as much, and you won’t bake in the living room, your car, or your office during the summer seasons.

Lower Utility Bills

Since tinted windows result in cooler interiors, you’ll see a dip in your utility bills. That’s because your HVAC system or car’s AC won’t have to work as hard to cool the space.

It will lower energy usage, resulting in lower energy bills. If your appliance doesn’t have to work as hard, it will also last longer and not need early and frequent repairs. Otherwise, those services can incur steep price tags.

Impact Resistance

Tinting your windows can also improve the protectiveness of your home. By installing a tint, you add a layer of material that fortifies the tinted window’s durability. If heavy wind pressure or other debris hits the glass, it can better withstand such difficulties.

This is a particularly beneficial perk for those living in areas with heavy winds and storms. You can also tint impact glass to further amp up its inherent protective ability.

Less Glare

After installing the tint, you’ll see that it doesn’t obscure your ability to see outside. But you’ll definitely experience less glare because of the tint’s filters.

So while you can enjoy plenty of natural light, you won’t risk negative symptoms by accidentally glancing at the wrong angle. It’s essential to consider this benefit for those that frequently experience symptoms such as:

  • Visual fatigue
  • Blurriness
  • Migraines
  • Red, teary eyes

Privacy and Security

Adding a tint shade to your windows also boosts your privacy and security. Although you can see plenty looking out, people outside can’t quickly look in. Curious and nosy onlookers can’t see what you’re doing unless they become very close to the glass.

This can also deter potential thieves from breaking in. If they can’t look inside, they can’t be tempted by expensive commercial assets, pricey TVs, and more. They also can’t know if any other people are inside, and the risk of being caught will make them more likely to retreat.

Improved Aesthetics

Window tints don’t just deliver functional perks. They also improve the way your home looks. Tinted windows are a more modern invention, so your home will look very modern from the outside.

On the inside, you can enjoy more of the outside view with natural light instead of filtering any potential window glare with a sheer curtain and worrying about uncomfortable side effects.

Benefits of Home Window Tinting


Of course, nothing’s perfect, window tints included. While we predict you’d be happier off with tinted windows, it’s good to know exactly what you’re installing into your home.

Not Great for Colder Climates

As mentioned before, tinted windows prevent the greenhouse effect. But during the winter, the greenhouse effect can really come in handy to warm your home without turning on the heat.

Possible Warranty Incompatibility

There’s a chance your home warranty will be voided if you tint your windows. So before you hire a technician, you must discuss options with your warranty provider. If there’s any trouble, they can tell you what your options are so you can eventually get your windows tinted.

Potential Difficulty With Vehicle Resales

Tinting your car windows can narrow your potential pool of buyers, at least those from out-of-state. Different states possess different tinting requirements and regulations, so your car’s tinting may not be allowed in some prospective buyers’ home states. Though they could remove the film, they’re likely to move onto another vehicle option to avoid the hassle of doing so.

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For most homeowners, tinting their windows is the better option. Who doesn’t like saving money and boosting their home’s security?

At Sunstopper Window Tinting, we’re very aware of the benefits of tinted windows. That’s why we offer some of the best window tinting and auto paint protection services in Melbourne, Florida, and other Brevard County areas. Get a free estimate from us today!

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