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What Do The New Green Strip Number Plates Mean And How Do I Get One?

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Your car is an important part of your life, and there are loads of things you need to consider when looking to get this right. It is vital to make sure you focus on making the right choices for your vehicle, and one of the main things to consider in our current climate is whether to purchase an EV, an electric vehicle. Maybe you consider yourself a car purest, and purchasing an EV wouldn’t feel authentic, or maybe you’ve just never seen the benefit to owning an electric car? Well, the governments new green plate initiative might be the very thing to change your mind.

What do they mean?

The green strip number plates currently doing the rounds are there to signify that a car is an electric vehicle. Whether the vehicle is new or used, all EVs can have green number plates, and this is something that comes with some benefits, benefits that the government believes will raise awareness and interest in electric vehicles.


When did they begin to be manufactured?

Green strip number plates are a very recent addition to UK roads, and this is something that adds to the appeal of them. GOV.UK mention that the plates are part of Transport Secretary Grant Shapps’ initiative to build a green economic recovery, presumably referring to the post-COVID-19 recovery. The plates have only been available since December 2020, in fact, the 8th of December 2020 to be precise.


What are the benefits of having one?

There are some benefits to having green strip number plates, and, whilst these number plates are not a legal requirement, they are advisable for those with EVs. GOV.UK mention that ‘As part of the government’s plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, drivers will be encouraged to make the switch to electric vehicles through the introduction of green number plates. The plates will make it easier for cars to be identified as zero emission vehicles, helping local authorities design and put in place new policies to incentivise people to own and drive them’. There are plenty of local initiatives that users can benefit from by getting these green number plates, and this includes things like cheaper parking costs, and free entry to zero-emission zones.


What are the requirements to get one?

In order to be eligible to get a green strip number plate you have to have an electric vehicle. In fact, the UK government believes that green plates may increase the number of people purchasing EVs, and there does seem to be some truth in this. Indeed, research suggests that more than 30% of drivers would be more likely to buy an electric vehicle based on the green strip. However, it is worth noting that only fully zero-emission vehicles are eligible, meaning plug-ins and hybrids are not.

As you can see, these new registration plates are an initiative to try to promote a greener way of life, and help to reduce the carbon footprint of drivers, rebuilding the economy is a more eco-conscious way. There are a lot of benefits to getting one of these, and if you’re looking for a more eco- friendly driving process, you can benefit from one of these license plates.

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