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EZ Hire Today LLC Helps Job Seekers Find Opportunities

EZ Hire Today LLC, a California-based employment business has launched an app designed to help job seekers find the best employment opportunities possible.


Sacramento, CA – March 18, 2021 – Finding a job can be a very difficult, stressful process. With EZ Hire Today, you can say goodbye to your job hunt worries! The California-based company has launched an app designed to help job seekers find the perfect job.

The app, which is available to both employers and applicants, helps end the job hunt by providing applicants with optimal opportunities, and employers with a vast amount of candidates. Employers will have the ability to “Post Jobs” with a free 30-day trial.

Users can check out various job listings as well as job profiles. This serves to help applicants get an idea as to what a certain company is like.

“With our app, you can not only find opportunities, but you can also learn a lot about your potential employer,” said Dr. Kala Taylor, the President of EZ Hire Today.

The app also allows you to upload your resume, so you can show employers the skills and experience from previous employments. Users can also send messages to each other to ensure a clear line of communication through the process.

“I had a very difficult time finding a job until I downloaded EZ Hire Today, and now I love my job!” recalled a very satisfied user of the EZ Hire Today app.

The app is designed in a simplistic manner, so you can spend less time trying to navigate the app, and more time applying for jobs! The EZ Hire Today app is FREE on the app store. Download the app today and open up a world of opportunity!

About EZ Hire Today LLC:

EZ Hire Today LLC, is a United States of America employment Website/APP, for job listings throughout the United States. EZ Hire Today is headquartered in California, EZ Hire Today helps applicants get jobs and helps employers to find excellent candidates for the right jobs through a screening process of qualified only applicants. EZ Hire is the new high-tech employment APP with the capabilities to schedule an interview and send an offer of acceptance via APP for employers looking to minimize their time management more efficiently, hiring couldn’t get any easier. Applicants can find full-time, part-time, seasonal, long-term, telecommute jobs, and contract jobs with EZ Hire, Applicants can use EZ Hires resume template for free or upload their resume.

EZ Hire is #1 in the United States with an easy-to-use employment APP. Employers, if you’re looking for the best candidates try EZ Hire Today. With EZ Hire you can search billions of jobs online stepping up your career game, EZ Hire has your back!! For employers, tell us about your agency and post your job in seconds; it’s just that easy, and “Welcome to EZ Hire Today.” We look forward to building long-term applicant and business relationships.

Media Contact: 

Dr. Kala T Taylor
President, Guy A Taylor II, Vice President
EZ Hire Today LLC
Sacramento CA
(916) 402-4874

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