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What are the different types of cavitation?

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Not all cavitation is the same. When purchasing a cavitation machine you may ask yourself: Which type of cavitation is better? 40k or 80k? What do these numbers actually mean? Don’t feel bad because you are not alone. These numbers refer to how strongly the machine operates by cycles per second. But the higher number does not mean better. Many people think that an 80k machine is somehow better, but the numbers are not really for competing services. Some people’s bodies will respond better to the 40k than the 80k. Others prefer the 80k as the sound waves are not as loud in the inner ear. Both methods produce enough of an ultrasonic effect that your fat cells will break open while not harming your skin or anything else.

Does InstaSculpting do different types of cavitation?

InstaSculpting can perform cavitation at 40 kHz or 80 kHz.¹ Each InstaSculpting machine has two cavitation handles for both 40k and 80k. This is beneficial because some clients will prefer the 80k over the 40k due to the sound levels. Having both modalities with separate handles allows you to switch methods depending on the client’s needs. Other machines are often only one type and this can limit your client base if someone doesn’t like the inner sound of 40k over 80k.

Why do cavitation systems sound different?

The main reason they sound different in the inner ear is because one is working twice as fast as the other. 40k cavitation operates in forty thousand cycles per second, meaning that the sound waves are treating your fat cells at that rhythm. 80k is double that, meaning you are receiving twice the amount of ultrasonic sound waves. But everyone’s fat is different, and some fat cells might burst at 40k and not burst at 80k. It all depends on your body composition. InstaSculpting is designed to meet the needs of each patient and achieve the highest result. Your esthetician can help you discover what combination of methods produces the best results for your body type.

What Can Help My Cavitation Work Better?

InstaSculpting helps promote fat loss, which can lead to skin being not as tight as before. To treat this we have included a Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatment on every machine. This works by helping your body produce more and stronger collagen fibers to tighten the skin. How? The radio frequency, or RF, is a type of energy that painlessly penetrates the layers of your skin. It will feel like a warm heat, but deep inside your tissues your skin is being revitalized and tightened. After a single treatment you will see a noticeable result. After a series of treatments the results will be very noticeable and will last for months if not years.

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