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Which Transient House in Baguio Offers Best Value?

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Looking for a quality transient house in Baguio? You’re really no alone.

With tourism in Baguio City jumping by almost 16 percent recently, it’s no wonder why you would want to invest in a Baguio transient house. From Baguio Botanical Garden to Mines View Observation Deck, you’ll never run out of things to do on this exotic island.

But the real question is this: which transient house in Baguio offers the best value?

When it comes to quality lodging and affordable accommodations, we’ve got the best options. Read our guide to learn more!

Bristle Ridge Transient House

Also known as the City of Pines, Baguio is a tourism hotspot that’s conveniently located on Luzon Island in the Philippines. Popular for its ultra-cool weather, this city is extremely busy during the summertime. Many tourists come to Baguio City to visit attractions like:

  • Burnham Park
  • Tam-Awan Village
  • Lion’s Head

Planning to visit Baguio City anytime soon?

If so, we highly recommend that you check out Bristle Ridge Transient House. As one of the most high-tech and newest developments in Baglio, you won’t want to miss out on staying at this impressive, high-end property. The best part is that only costs 10,000 pesos each night as well.

Yes, you read that right. Despite the six guest capacity limit, you can easily sleep 15 at this luxurious transient house. All that you have to do is pay an additional 500 pesos per adult per night to make this place your ultimate vacation home.

With two bathrooms and three bedrooms, you and your family will feel more at home than ever in our Bristol Ridge unit. Not to mention that this spacious transit house comes with Wi-Fi as well.

Where is Bristol Ridge located?

We are glad that you asked. Essentially, this transit home is part of a medium-rise, three-story condo community at the top of Baguio City. Combining a laid-back charm at country club elegance, Bristol Ridge will surprise you with its modern touches.

Situated on Pacdal Road in Baguio City, you and your loved ones will be moments away from the following tourist attractions:

  • Wright Park
  • Baguio Botanical Garden
  • Mines View Observation Deck

With so much to see and do near Bristol Ridge Transient House, your only problem will be deciding what’s next on your itinerary!

Lani’s Place Bachelor’s Pad

If you’ve never heard of Lani’s Place in Baguio City, then you are in for real treat. That’s because Lani’s Place is an extremely spacious accommodation for larger groups of visitors on the island.

But here’s the thing. For those of you who are traveling to Baguio City with a smaller group, there is nothing wrong with staying at the Bachelor Pad at Lani’s Place either.

This clean and compact bachelor pad is the perfect place for an intimate gathering of close travelers in Baguio City. Not only can this transient house fit two people, but it could also suit groups of four people for an extra 500 pesos per additional adult.

It gets better. One of the coolest parts about the Bachelor Pad at Lani’s Place is that it is only a 10-minute drive from Burnham Park in Baguio. As if that’s not enough, this property is also a 15-minute drive from the most popular shopping mall in SM City Baguio.

Plus, the Bachelor Pad at Lani’s Place is a short five-minute drive to the famous Mansion House. In addition to this, another list of close by attractions includes the following:

Want to grab a bite near the Bachelor Pad at Lani’s Place?

Your search is over. For a delicious blend of Chinese and American dishes, you can’t go wrong with visiting the Rose Bowl Restaurant and the 50’s Diner Restaurant.

Besides this, hailing a taxi in Baguio City is easy, especially if you’re hiring a Public Utility Jeep, or a PUJ service. Running from the center city to the main road outside of Lani’s Place, you will have no problem traveling in and out of your favorite spots in Baguio!

Lani’s Place Main House

The perks of staying at the three-bedroom house at Lani’s Place include:

  • A personal balcony
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • A comfy living room

Traveling with a group of 18 people?

We’ve got you covered. If the Main House at Lani’s Place is too small, you could always visit the Attic Level for more open-space as well. Similar to the Bachelor Pad at Lani’s Place, the Main House is only minutes away from Lani’s Place, Burnham Park, and the Mansion House.

Have fun visiting nearby attractions such as Baguio Botanical Gardens, Good Shepherd Convent, and Mines View Park. Camp John Hay, Baguio Country Club, and Teachers Camp are only a short drive away too.

Once you are here, prepare to be amazed by the large bay windows at Lani’s Place which open out to fresh mountain air and luscious mountains. We highly recommend that you spend your downtime relaxing by the fireplace to watch TV with your family and friends.

With the plethora of taxis located nearby, you will have no trouble traveling back and forth from the city to Lani’s Place Transient House. To sweeten the deal, children that are under the age of 12 years old are allowed to stay for free.

We can’t emphasize this enough: while we would like to have enough space for everyone, our maximum capacity for the Main House at Lani’s Place is 24 people. Keep in mind that there is an additional charge of 500 pesos per adult per night.

Need more space?

Our solution: rent out the Bachelor Pad and the Attic in addition to the Main House at Lani’s Place. That way, you can fit up to 50 guests at one transient house. How can you possibly beat that?

Outlook Ridge Transient House

Perched among the green pine trees of Baguio, we’re sure you’ll enjoy spending your next family vacation at the Outlook Ridge Transient House. Complete with two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and three beds, you can fit up to four people inside of this affordable transient house rental.

Built in the heart of Baguio City, Outlook Ridge Transient House is the best place to experience the rich culture of the island. Whether you visit close by restaurants or Café Adriana on-site, you will never run out of options to satisfy your culinary desires.

For those of you that love horse riding, Wright Park is located nearby, as well as the celebrated Mansion House. If you are interested in art, contemporary works can be found at the local market at Mines View Park too.

Benefits of staying at the Outlook Ridge Transient House include accommodations such as:

  • A master bedroom with a queen-size bed
  • An en-suite restroom
  • Fully functioning showers, washbasins, and toilets

Priced at 5,500 pesos per night, Outlook Ridge Transient House is well-suited for smaller groups of up to four travelers. However, we have no issues with hosting groups of 10 people instead. Of course, we must charge an extra 500 pesos per additional adult.

That being said, feel free to check in anytime between 2 PM and 9 PM. Nonetheless, the check out time for Outlook Ridge Transient House is always set at 11 AM sharp.

Now that we’ve got that covered, expect to be entranced by all of the mountain and pine forest scenery that you can view from your side balcony. On top of that, there is a relaxing lounge area and rear balcony to enjoy at the back of the Outlook Ridge Transient House. After you visit the landscaped garden, you will never want to leave!

The Green House at Lani’s Place

Imagine this: a transient house that is nestled against the pine forest scenery of the City of the Pines. Now, open your eyes and Google “The Green House at Lani’s Place.” Incredibly enough, Lani’s Place is one of the most recommended transient houses in all of Baguio City.

As one of the numerous accommodations at Lani’s Place, the Green House offers luxury to anyone who visits this wonderful community. The most awesome part about the Green House at Lani’s Place is that it can hold groups of up to 14 people.

Surprisingly enough, there are a whopping five bedrooms located inside of this roomy transient house in Baguio City. However, if you just arrive with more than fourteen guests, you will have to pay an additional charge of 500 pesos per extra adult. On the bright side, children who are ages 12 and under are allowed to stay at the Green House at Lani’s Place free of charge.

Remember, we have a maximum guest capacity of 20 people at this particular transit house rental. There will be an additional 500 pesos charge for anyone that is over the limit of 10 people.

This in-demand property is located 15 minutes away from the shopping mall nicknamed SM City Baguio. Conveniently, your transient house rental is a brief 10-minute drive away from Burnham Park.

Also, the Mansion House is just five minutes away from the Green House at Lani’s Place. Camp John Hay, Baguio Country Club, and Teachers Camp are close by as well.

For those of you who love sightseeing, Baguio Botanical Gardens is nearby too. Don’t forget to take your family for a day of horseback riding at Wright Park while you’re at it!

Tiptop Baguio Transient House

Last but not least, there is the Tiptop Baguio Transient House on Luzon Island. If you ask us, our favorite luxury suite is Unit 101. With panoramic views of the city, this transient house is the most ideal place to see the endless pines and mountains of Baguio City.

Some of the most memorable features of the luxury suite at Tiptop Baguio Transient House is the stone fireplace and pine-clad walls. To make the ambiance even more comfortable, there are also scenic views from the open-air seating in your private, covered terrace.

Pro tip: Tiptop Baguio Transient House’s luxury suite comes with cooking facilities that are fully furnished.

This special luxury suite has:

  • Cold and hot showers
  • Cable TV
  • Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Barbecue pits
  • More than enough parking
  • A play area for children

At 7,000 pesos per night, the luxury suite at Tiptop Baguio Transient House is one of the most reasonably priced accommodations on the island. Even though it is priced for four adults, this space can comfortably sleep up to 10 guests. However, it will be an extra 500 pesos for each additional guest!

Rent a Reliable Transient House in Baguio

Want to rent a reliable transient house in Baguio?

When it comes to Baguio transient houses, we are practically the experts. We have tons of high-quality vacation homes for you to choose from on Luzon Island.

From Bristle Ridge Transient House to Tiptop Baguio Transient House, we have the 4-1-1 on all of the best rentals in Baguio City.

Love to explore the surrounding culture and traditions?

If yes, you can’t get any better than discovering local destinations like Burnham Park, Tam-Awan Village, or Lion’s Head. After a long day of sightseeing, there is no better way to unwind than at our many cafes and restaurants. For relief for your feet, climb into our comfortable beds to escape the hustle and bustle outside.

Once you rent a transient in Baguio, you won’t want to stay anywhere else!

Need to book a trustworthy transient house in Baguio City?

Visit our website to book the best transient house in Baguio now!

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