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9 Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video marketing is a relatively new concept in marketing. As such, not many small businesses have integrated videos into their marketing campaigns. These companies miss out on benefits of video marketing that we’ll highlight at length in this piece.

Video marketing is effective for businesses, both big and small. It is also a pretty versatile marketing tactic for all types of businesses. You also won’t have to break the bank to incorporate video marketing into your business.

Video marketing is slowly gaining traction in the business scene. So embracing video marketing is what will give you that edge over your rivals.  But first, what is video marketing?

What Is Video Marketing?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. What about videos that have actual words in them. Maybe a million words? Take your guess. 

Video marketing is what the name suggests; marketing through video or moving visuals for the more refined customers.

Video marketing is a simple marketing technique. The company in question creates videos that promote the brand. The video may also enhance customer engagement, raise brand awareness, or make relevant announcements.

There is, however, more to video marketing than just making brand videos. A lot of work goes into the process. The videos have to be customer-oriented and geared toward driving sales.

Most of the industry giants have some form of video marketing techniques. Take a leaf from these companies and claim your place among the top contenders.

What Are the Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses?

Small businesses have a lot to gain from video marketing. What’s more, video marketing is not as expensive as you’d think but has an incredible return on investment. 

Your company stands to reap immensely from a video marketing strategy. So why video marketing? What are the pros of video marketing for small businesses?

Here are nine benefits of video marketing that should have you embracing video marketing in no time.

1. It Is Very Informative to Your Customer Base

Over their lifetime, your products and services rarely remain the same. That said, it is pivotal to inform your customers of any changes. In doing so, you avoid confusing and inconveniencing them when buying your products.

Videos are a great way to keep your customers in the know always. Videos are a huge leap from brochures, leaflets, and pamphlets. Customers are more inclined to watch a video than reading a company’s manuscript.

If you want to get the word around your customers effectively, then videos are your best bet. Plus, you can use videos to do a lot more.

Videos are a great way to demonstrate how your products work. You also get to share with the audience your company story. A well-crafted video can also add that relatable factor to your marketing efforts.

Engage with your customers effectively through video.

2. Hop on the Second Largest Search Engine in the World

It’s great that you have a website. A simple google search brings the world to your company’s front door.  What about the other 1.9 billion YouTube users worldwide, ever thought of them?

The sheer amount of users makes YouTube the second largest search engine on the planet. By uploading your video on YouTube, you expose your small business to another vast audience. You then get to draw in potential customers with your enticing promotional videos.

With video marketing, you get to take advantage of this incredible platform. How-to videos are among the most searched videos on YouTube. Upload a “how-to” video on your products and watch the views stream in.

3. Get a Higher Rank in Search Engine Page Ranks

Google ranks pages based on specific criteria. Google strives to give pages with the most relevant and resourceful content preference in the search engine page ranks.

A few relevant videos could be a great boost to your overall page ranking. A video boosts your ranking not only on Google but also on Yahoo and Bing.

Remember, you can’t just upload any video and expect better rankings. The video you upload must be relevant to your company’s product or services. An irrelevant video may be detrimental to your ranking.

In fact, your page is way more likely to appear on the first page if you embed a video on your page. So before you skip out on video marketing, think about that first.

4. Enhances That Human Factor

A few videos “humanize” your business for your customers. A video is great for face value and establishes a personal connection with your customers. 

So to increase customer rapport, consider adding a video to your marketing campaign. Instructional videos are especially great for increasing customer camaraderie.

5. Integrate the Videos With Your Email for Maximum Effect

Video marketing and email work together to enhance customer engagement. Just link your videos through the emails and have your customers see what you are offering.

Integrate your email with your video marketing campaign for incredible results.

You can also opt for a video mailer to make your customers feel very special. 

6. People Love Videos

Customers love videos. Get creative with your video marketing. Maybe have something funny—some animations will make your customers love the videos.

Thanks to social media, a simple share can expose your video to thousands of other potential customers.

7. Incredible Return on Investments

There’s a reason why big companies use video ads on TV to market their products. Videos have delivered incredible results in driving up sales.

Whatever you invest in, video marketing will come back manifold. So video marketing is great for small businesses because of its massive ROI.

8. Spark the Conversation

Set the conversation ablaze with a comments section for your videos. Videos are also a great subject for discussion on the forums.

In business, conversation translates to publicity. Publicity equals greater sales and profits for your company.

9. Track Consumer Patterns

Videos are a great way to track your customer purchasing patterns. Video metrics is the magic word in this case. 

You get to track how long customers watch your video, how many watch your video, and from where they are watching. You can then tweak your marketing strategies accordingly in line with the numbers.

Adopt Video Marketing Today

Your small businesses stand to benefit immensely from video marketing. Hopefully, you have a clear picture of the benefits of video marketing. It’s high time for your business to embrace video marketing for greater profits.

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