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What are our proprietary alpha stock signals?

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AYA fintech network platform provides proprietary alpha stock signals and personal finance tools.

In recent times, we have completed our fresh website update:

This update includes new product features such as the personal stock investment vitae, free access to our social network platform, virtual stock market game with real-time stock prices, several leaderboards for our virtual investors, and a rich library of ebooks, analytic reports, research articles, and many more.

Each freemium member trades top 6,000+ U.S. stocks with $1 million virtual token talents, updates his or her personal stock investment vitae with the most profitable stock positions, and pays some small annual fee to access our premium electronic resources.


Our homepage now offers a free stock search tool for the top tech titans Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon (FAMGA).

The premium membership classes offer all kinds of features and benefits such as top 6,000+ U.S. proprietary alpha stock signals, personal finance tools, ebooks, analytic reports, and research articles etc.

You can check out our freemium pricing plan with different product features and benefits here:

Each alpha stock signal represents an excess return to a smart beta stock investment portfolio strategy.

For instance, a 10% alpha suggests that we would predict the excess return to be about 10% relative to the smart beta market portfolio for a given stock with zero beta exposure to the 6 Fama-French fundamental factors such as size, value, momentum, asset growth, operating profitability, and market risk exposure.

Each prospective premium member can make his or her credit card payment via the secure PayPal payment gateway.


Our proprietary alpha investment model outperforms the major stock market benchmarks such as S&P 500, MSCI, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq.

We implement our proprietary alpha investment model for positive U.S. stock signals.

We track the stock prices and returns for the recent 4-year period from early-February 2017 to early-February 2021.

This data span allows us to conduct an out-of-sample test to assess our proprietary alpha investment model performance in comparison to the major stock market benchmarks such as S&P 500, MSCI, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq etc.

S&P 500 yields an 12% net overall return per annum (NORPA) while Dow Jones and Nasdaq generate 12%-17% NORPAs.

MSCI stock market benchmarks deliver 5%-13% NORPAs (MSCI USA, MSCI World, MSCI Europe, and MSCI Asia).

With our proprietary alpha investment model, all of our virtual members from Laura Hermes and Chanel Holden to Jonah Whanau and Joseph Corr outperform the S&P 500 and MSCI stock market benchmarks with 19%-25% NORPAs.

In fact, all of the 17 virtual stock portfolios deliver higher NORPAs than Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500, and MSCI stock market index returns.

The signal-to-noise ratio or Sharpe ratio of average asset return to standard deviation in most market indices and benchmark portfolios (such as S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, MSCI World, MSCI USA, MSCI Europe, and MSCI Asia etc) is 0.35 to 0.55 with 10% average returns and 18%-30% standard deviations; the vast majority of static Fama-French asset return models produce maximum Sharpe ratios in the range of 0.65 to 0.75; whereas, our algorithmic alpha investment system produces the Sharpe ratio of at least 1.675 with 20%-30% average returns and 12%-16% standard deviations.

Our U.S. utility patent specification provides more technical details on both the competitive advantages and distinctive capabilities of our algorithmic cloud system for dynamic conditional asset return prediction and fintech network platform automation.

The recent double-digits model performance corroborates the scientific fact that our proprietary alpha investment model outperforms the major stock market benchmarks:


Kind regards.


Andy Yeh Alpha

AYA fintech network platform founder



This analytic essay cannot constitute any form of financial advice, analyst opinion, recommendation, or endorsement. We refrain from engaging in financial advisory services, and we seek to offer our analytic insights into the latest economic trends, stock market topics, investment memes, personal finance tools, and other self-help inspirations. Our proprietary alpha investment algorithmic system helps enrich our AYA fintech network platform as a new social community for stock market investors:

We share and circulate these informative posts and essays with hyperlinks through our blogs, podcasts, emails, social media channels, and patent specifications. Our goal is to help promote better financial literacy, inclusion, and freedom of the global general public. While we make a conscious effort to optimize our global reach, this optimization retains our current focus on the American stock market.

This free ebook, AYA Analytica, shares new economic insights, investment memes, and stock portfolio strategies through both blog posts and patent specifications on our AYA fintech network platform. AYA fintech network platform is every investor’s social toolkit for profitable investment management. We can help empower stock market investors through technology, education, and social integration.

We hope you enjoy the substantive content of this essay! AYA!


Andy Yeh

Chief Financial Architect (CFA) and Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

Brass Ring International Density Enterprise (BRIDE) ©



Do you find it difficult to beat the long-term average 11% stock market return?

It took us 20+ years to design a new profitable algorithmic asset investment model and its attendant proprietary software technology with fintech patent protection in 2+ years. AYA fintech network platform serves as everyone’s first aid for his or her personal stock investment portfolio. Our proprietary software technology allows each investor to leverage fintech intelligence and information without exorbitant time commitment. Our dynamic conditional alpha analysis boosts the typical win rate from 70% to 90%+.

Our new alpha model empowers members to be a wiser stock market investor with profitable alpha signals! The proprietary quantitative analysis applies the collective wisdom of Warren Buffett, George Soros, Carl Icahn, Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins, and Nobel Laureates in finance such as Robert Engle, Eugene Fama, Lars Hansen, Robert Lucas, Robert Merton, Edward Prescott, Thomas Sargent, William Sharpe, Robert Shiller, and Christopher Sims.


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