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Keep Your Eyes on the Road! Defensive Driving Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Every day, nine people in the United States die due to distracted driving. If that startling stat doesn’t open your eyes, nothing will.

Whether you’re a brand new driver or you’ve put the pedal to the metal for decades, learning about defensive driving can help keep yourself — and your fellow motorists — safe.

Check out these easy and helpful defensive driving tips to learn more!

Wait to Smoke or Vape

When we talk about distracted driving, we automatically think of breaking traffic laws and texting while driving. But according to Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP, smoking is every bit as dangerous.

When you stop to consider why it makes total sense.

To smoke, you have to take a hand off the wheel which invariably means you lose a little control over the vehicle. You’ll also have to blow the smoke out the window, which involves taking your eyes off of the road.

As for vape enthusiasts? Well, you’re not off the hook either. Many of the same issues with smoking apply to vaping, too.

Keep Track of Your Surroundings

If you’re an experienced driver, you may zone out while driving from time to time. This phenomenon is so common that there’s an official name for it: highway hypnosis.

Highway hypnosis occurs when a person performs a monotonous task that doesn’t require much thought or effort.

As fascinating as it is, it’s also quite dangerous. Zoning out for even a few moments can result in a deadly car crash.

Stay awake and stay alert. Turn on some music, grab a coffee, and stay focused on your surroundings at all times.

Ignore Your Phone

As of now, 48 states have legislation in place that bans texting while driving. What’s more, 19 states prohibit talking on the phone while using a hand-held device.

It might seem like overkill — especially since we just finished talking about how rote and boring driving can be. But trust us, using your phone while driving isn’t something to take lightly.

Each year, thousands of motorists don’t make it to their destinations because they chose to text or talk while driving. Don’t become another statistic. Wait until you’ve arrived.

Don’t Trust Other Drivers to Follow the Rules of the Road

It sounds cynical to say that you shouldn’t trust your fellow motorists. But, unfortunately, it’s necessary for practicing safe driving.

For starters, always give yourself the proper room to react. Don’t tailgate anyone, and if someone is tailgating you, change lanes or tap your breaks gently.

Speaking of lane changes, keep an eye out on everything that’s going on in front of you, behind you, and to the sides. Always adjust your side and rearview mirrors before heading out, and put your seat in a comfortable position that gives you full vantage of the road.

Defensive Driving Tips to Help You Arrive Alive

Defensive driving is safe driving. And safe driving means that you’ll get to your destination without a problem every time!

So follow these defensive driving tips and remember to keep your eyes peeled to the road.

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