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What kind of rugs are trending?

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As with any type of consumer-based industry, interior decorating has trends that tend  to ebb and flow. 2023 is shaping up to be no different, with several trends that can help  to inspire your next redesign. Along with painting your walls and adding a bit of  nostalgia to your layout, the rug industry also has various trends taking place right now.  Let’s look at what kinds of rugs are trending, falling into four primary categories:  antique stylings, muted colors, patterned rugs, and what we’ve dubbed “rugs upon  rugs.”

Antique-styled rugs 

“What’s old is new” is a common phrase, and within rugs that are trending, it’s an old  statement. Social media platforms such as TikTok and Reddit often highlight videos  that demonstrate creative ways to restore worn or old rugs.

Why is this a thing? Because one style that is trending is antique and vintage-looking  rugs. In some cases, the new owner is interested in the story and history behind a rug.  In other cases, it’s simply a decor choice. In either case, watch for this trend to grow  throughout the rest of this year.

Neutral and muted colors 

Across the board, neutral and muted tones are more popular than they were a few  years ago. Likewise, the rug industry is following suit with rugs featuring less bold and  more subtle colors spiking in popularity.

However, the “less bold” comment might seem in contrast to the next trend: animal  patterns.


Patterned rugs have been around for centuries. From angular designs to repeating  medallions, there is an endless supply of options for those looking for something  visually interesting.

Overall right now, however, patterned rugs that are trending tend to fall into two  primary categories:

• Animal prints

• Geometric shapes

The latter is common to both Persian and Turkish rugs, and you can find multiple types  of geometric patterns within both of those rug categories within our inventory.

The former falls into more of a machine-made style, though you can find creative ways  to use them in areas such as your kids’ bedrooms or in a formal sitting area. They’re  bold for sure but can add a certain sense of style if used correctly.

Rugs upon rugs

Believe it or not, this option continues to pop up again and again. One style of rug that  is trending is that which can be layered with another rug. For example, if you have a  larger area rug (say, one that covers your entire sitting area), the style here would then  place a contrasting option in the center of your primary rug.

Visually, picture a small Turkish rug with lighter or muted tones sitting on top of a dark  red Persian rug. We’ve also seen options where a Modern rug with bright colors lays  criss-cross with a simple white or cream-colored rug below it.

Whatever styles of rugs are trending, Rug Source is your retailer of choice! As many of the types of rugs that are trending this year tend to follow time-proved  styles and colors, there’s never been a better time than to find your next rug at Rug  Source. Our showroom can help you pinpoint your next rug purchase, and for those  out of the area, you can browse our extensive inventory via our website. Let us know  how we can help!

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