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4 Signs Your Child Is Struggling with Math and How to Help Them

Do you suck at math? You might think that some people are born a math genius and others will never be good at it. But is that true?

It’s not! While some children pick up concepts quicker than others, most kids can learn basic math skills. In fact, if someone helped you when you were at school, you might not reach for the calculator as quick as you do today, right?

But if you think your child may be struggling with math, how you can spot the signs? Read on for the 411.

1. Not Keeping Up

Does it seem like your child is not keeping up with the rest of the class?

If you think your child is having trouble with math, you can always ask their teacher. They should be able to tell you if your child is ahead, behind or right on track when it comes to math.

For instance, the teacher may spot a 2nd grader struggling with math if they are not hitting specific milestones. Such as recognizing the value of coins, and being able to do basic addition and subtraction.

But while they may reach milestones at a certain age, there really is no hard and fast rule. As all children develop their skills at different speeds. So try not to compare them to the genius star student they sit next to in class!

2. Not Understanding Concepts

An easy clue to look out for is if they have trouble remembering math concepts they have already learned. You learn many math concepts through repetition.

For example, the multiplication table. While they may be able to recite it, can they answer a simple multiplication problem when they’re not reciting them? If they can’t, it means they don’t understand the concept behind the teaching.

And if they don’t understand the basic concepts, they will struggle. Because math always builds on previous concepts.

3. Trouble Managing Time and Distance

Another way to spot if your child has trouble with math is to find out their perception of time and distance. If they have trouble reading clocks, judging time-frames, and sticking to a schedule, they may be struggling with math.

They may also find it difficult to calculate the cost of items when shopping. Or not be able to estimate distances. Of course, the strength of these skills varies with age.

4. Gives up Too Easily

If you notice your child gives up too easily, it may be because they don’t know how to find alternative methods for solving math problems. This is mainly due to not remembering the concepts they have previously learned.

This can lead to frustration and an “I hate math” attitude. In turn, your child may refuse to practice and put in the effort to improve.

Struggling with Math? Don’t Give Up!

You may be thinking, “my child needs help with math, what can I do?” Whatever you do, don’t give up on them. Strong math skills can play a vital role in the future. They might just need a little extra help.

How to teach kids math? Practice makes perfect, so as a parent, make sure to support them. Tutors, summer camps, and classes with a strong math curriculum may just do the trick.

Math—The Struggle Is Real

As you can see, there are several ways to find out if your child is struggling with math. But instead of brushing past it, take action and help them today. They’ll thank you for it in the future.

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