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Visit Liverpool Castle (Replica in Rivington)

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Though a ruined replica of the original Liverpool castle built in the 13th century, today it tells tales of the glory of the actual structure, which is gone long ago.

Surrounded by public parklands and multiple attractions nearby, it is an excellent destination for people who love historical landmarks and natural scenery and looking for some great places for photography.

Liverpool Castle Replica Location

Liverpool castle is located within the parklands of Lever Park, Rivington, Bolton BL6 7RZ, UK, Chorley, United Kingdom. It is in Coblowe Hillock near the Lower Rivington Reservoir.

Liverpool Castle History

Liverpool castle in Rivington is a scaled replica of a long-gone actual Liverpool castle built in the 1230s.

William de Ferrers, head of Derbyshire and a trustworthy advisor of King John, ordered the construction of the actual Liverpool castle in 1232 for the sake of protection of the port of King of England’s new port.

Around five centuries later, in 1726, it was gone entirely when its remaining ruins were removed. The decay of the castle began after being badly damaged during the Civil War 1642 – 1650.

Today’s Liverpool castle, more famously known as Rivington castle’s construction, was started in 1912 by Willaim Lever. It is a reconstruction of the castle prepared by E. W. Cox in 1892.


Liverpool castle was built in the style of the fortified manor house. Everything is made with heavy stone blocks.


Liverpool castle is accessible to everyone all around the year. Most people visit it in the morning or evening (at walks time).

The best route to reach is driving on Rivington Lane, North of Rivington and Blackrod High School.

For visitors, there are two car parking (on the main road) and toilets nearby and which are free. After the main road, you will have to take a walk to reach the ruin. The tree-lined footpath leading to the castle is around 700 yards long. It is not recommended for people with prams and wheelchairs.


There are shops and barn cafes on the main road. You have to take a walk back there if you need anything. It is recommended to keep snacks and water with you.

Outdoors of Liverpool Castle

A trip to Liverpool castle is always a more incredible experience for nature lovers.

At first glance at the castle, you will see it is incomplete. The fun fact is when construction started. It was never intended to complete. It was a ruined replica, and it looks like a ruined replica.


Though there was supposed to be more construction when William Lever died in 1925, construction stopped, and today’s Liverpool castle never reached the “ruined vision” of Lever.

After parking, start walking towards the castle, and the first thing that comes is the information center which also serves as a little tea house. It is a nice little place to sit with displays of Liverpool castle and other structures and their history.

You will find mesmerizing scenery and nature spread everywhere when you walk to the castle. You will find multiple species of birds, sheep gazing around, and some small animals like squirrels hopping across your way. Walk in any direction, and you will find the same scenery.

Trees and grass colonize the grounds around the castle, making the air very refreshing and delightful around the clock.


Ruins of castles are built with large stones. All of these are pretty sturdy and safe. Safety and incredible scenery are why you should consider visiting it for picnics with the family.

Liverpool Castle Overview

Liverpool castle is an open construction made of stones. It has been altered multiple times since 1925, primarily for construction and safety purposes.

Stone walls are slippery or muddy most of the time. Avoid climbing them specifically after rains and snowfalls, or there might be an accident. Just like walls, the interior can be very muddy, so it is advised to wear boots there.


There are stone gatehouses on each side of the tower. It is said that gatehouses were the most intact structures of original castles even after five centuries and the last thing demolished.

Entering through the gates, there are bailey courtyards on the west.


Keep heading right (northwest), and you will reach Great Tower (N). Inside, there used to be staircases, but those were later removed to avoid accidents.

On the first floor, the only noticeable things are windows in walls and fireplaces. The sky is visible even from these indoors.


In bailey courtyards, other ruins are the castle’s kitchens, brewhouses, and arches.

Crossing arches in the courtyard, a porch leads to the Great Hall (central castle area).

Arched windows surround the great hall. A narrow passageway leads to another ruin inside Liverpool castle – the northwest tower.


Just like the outdoors and surroundings of the court, everything indoors is also picturesque, speaking volumes about the great history of Liverpool.

Photography ventures

For photography enthusiasts, there are many lovely views in Liverpool castle waiting.

Nature spread everywhere, making it a perfect location for portraits and landscapes. Besides, there are opportunities to shoot wildlife, and flora around. Shooting the castle itself is a great attraction for photographers.

In less than five minutes walk from the castle, you can reach the Lower Rivington Reservoir. This is quite spectacular for landscape photography.


One lesser-noticed thing about Liverpool castle is that it is a brilliant location for night photography. With the open surrounding of Lever Park around the castle, natural scenery, and less pollution, the sky appears more apparent here compared to the central city.

If you want to visit there for night photography, carry all your gadgets, especially lightning. There is not much lightning, i.e., pole lights at night timings.

For the pics in this post, I used my best travel camera – Sony RX100 VII.

If you like the quality of the photos, I am inviting you to read my review of this camera.


If you are visiting Rivington, Liverpool castle is one of the must-visit places.

Especially for long walks, photography trips, and a picnic day, or if you are looking to explore some historical sites in Liverpool, it is a perfect place to visit.

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