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The Importance of Integrity at Work

The value of integrity at work is something that people have tried to understand as long as humans have worked. Working hard, being honest, maintaining relationships, and upholding principles are things are conducive to success.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, having integrity in the workplace will serve you much better than trying to succeed through dishonest means. 

We’re here to illuminate the value of integrity at work so you can enter the office feeling ready for the future.

Integrity at Work

First, we should start out by saying that integrity is something that most people inherently value. Whether we put a finger on it and call it “integrity,” most people can recognize the qualities of honesty, moral principle, and virtue.

People with those qualities are ones that we are more likely to trust, respect, and consider a friend. Further, we’re more likely to do business with those people because those qualities are conducive to success and a reliable business relationship.

If you’re curious to know how you stack up in terms of integrity, take this integrity test to get a better idea. 

On a Personal Level

From the perspective of an individual, having integrity at work is essential for long-lasting success. 

We hear a lot of stories about people who get to the top by lying, cheating, and stealing. Those people are the exception to the rule. A lack of integrity, if it isn’t sniffed out right away by people at the bottom, will lead to the destruction of your career and reputation. 

Unless you’re an evil genius, you probably don’t have what it takes to manipulate and lie to people in order to achieve success. 

Foundationally, you will have better relationships with people if you carry yourself in an honest, moral way. Your relationships at the workplace have a huge effect on how you feel when you go to work and how you treat the work that you do. Being a valued part of the work community and feeling respected is a big part of your professional identity. 

Further, you will be more likely to make achievements and develop professionally if you carry yourself with integrity. Again, you’ll develop a bad name right off of the bat if you use lies and cheats to get a leg up on people. 

On a Business Level

On a larger level, the values that you have as a business can be thought of in the same way as your personal values. Conducting business in a way that seeks to cheat people out of money, skim edges wherever they can be skimmed, and use lies to make advancements will not succeed. 

Sure, you may experience temporary success through those means, but you’ll be discovered. Especially in a world that is so connected, keeping a good name and having integrity is the only way to succeed.

This also means that you should do your best to hire people with integrity. They have just as much responsibility to uphold your good name.

Need More Business Knowledge?

Sometimes we forget about the interpersonal basics like having integrity at work. With so much going on in the world, it’s alright to forget about a thing or two. 

That’s what we’re here for. To read up on more ways you can improve your work life, visit our site.

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